(think piece of plastic was blended into smoothie by accident? There is a tool used in ceramics called a slab roller that you should look into. Wash once. I dont even have to click it to get redirected, Contact service@instructables.com about that issue, Question Here’s the list of materials used during stage 1. They can't bend like that from the plastic cap. Rocket. Since this is a high powered spinning blade I would not recommend using compromised equipment like your bent blade there. By using our website, you consent to our use of cookies. Spirograph. This same exact thing just happened to me, Purchased a smoothie from a local smoothie bar and thought the pieces were the berry seeds.. until I got a weird shaped one that I couldn't chew! SO happy to find this by Googling "shred plastic bottle tops in blender." :). Your email address will not be published. Don’t be scared. Is there something with high enough boiling point that it won't vaporize, but low enough melting point that you could melt the plastic on top of it in a similar manner. ? Put another wood panel on top of it and we add as much weight as we can. This makes about a week’s worth of smoothies. It’s the ultimate form of sorcery. Dr. Michael Finkelstein answered. You can freeze smoothies. Edit: just checked, its the professional series 750 by the looks of it, I was wrong! It was not the best-tasting smoothie of my life, but it wasn't all that bad, either. I'm looking forward to the next stages! Of course, if you already have access to some cool tools, you may be able to make plastic panels with a better thicknes, and we would love to hear about it! You can use larger jars if you want a larger smoothie, but 16oz is perfect for my breakfast. Our mini oven didn’t have one, and it’s more difficult to get perfectly flat plastic panels. Is this too little to worry about? Electric frying pans have a heating element built in. There would be a great deal of damage in the container walls as well and there doesn't appear to be any damage to the actual container. ? I have been freezing in mason jars for a couple weeks now. And I just checked, absolutely zero damage, the container is just fine. When PLA is hot it’s not liquid, just a little bit soft. 10 Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable, 8 Sustainable Denim Brands That Make the Best Jeans, 5 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Home Office, 12 Tips for All Natural, Zero Waste Curly Hair. Since starting my weekly meal prep posts, I’ve been asked a lot about my smoothies. If it does break in the freezer, it’s almost always a clean break.

It only had an oven grid, but it would have been a lot easier if it had had an oven plate. Can the blades be used in its current state? Of course, this project would be meaningless if there weren’t any designs we could make with this technique. it’s really late and I’m really tired. We have tried to keep our budget under 150€ including electrical appliances, consumables, and plastic. What Do Zero Waste and Minimalism Have in Common? Phew, $600 jesus. The plastic outside of the pill is melted into the roof of my mouth and tongue, my whole tongue is on fire. My ultimate goal is a workspace with the Hakkens design machines; strong educational and community access mission. :D. Have you considered putting the warm sheet through a pasta maker to get a more consistent thickness? how small does a particle have to be to pass across intestinal barrier into body? Therefore, using and cleaning my juicer and my nInja blender only once a week is such a timesaver. Concerning the window glass process, making windows glass of any type with a consistent thickness is a highly expensive and complex process. We used the same settings we would use for 3mm acrylic, but we had to increase the laser power when engraving as the engraved part isn't very visible because of the visual pattern. If its plastic, it will just just go through your system and it will come out the other end. Plastic cap spun around for probably less than 2 seconds and fucked up the blades and broke the drive socket in half, not to mention the lacerations on the cap itself! The large container doesn't work but the one that screws onto the flask has its own blades, but just needs the drive socket.

I put two dates in the smoothie, not sure if the pits got in there, but threw the drink out when I noticed some hard tiny pieces. Al the panel must be pressed when being cooled down. I have a couple of ideas to recicle my bottles but reducing PE in small pieces is quite hard to achieve without spending too much. I find this process fascinating!! Yup, I know I was shocked too. I didn't wipe well and some hardened on my panties. I'm pretty sure everything broke instantly-I put everything in the blender, and the second I turned it on my ears got destroyed because the drive socket broke and therefore the blade noise is a lot louder. The plastic cap itself has lacerations but is holding together pretty well. My go to summer recipe is below. Wow, Thanks. If you leave it to defrost over 24, it might. "These are the blades itself for the Vitamix 5200- ones curved upwards but seems fine otherwise,", "Yup, I know I was shocked too.

Both the drive and socket cost around $10, but the blades I assume are much more expensive. When freezing opt for non-shouldered jars. Someone left the cap inside the container, and since they're both clear and it was early in the morning (I was pretty groggy) I just poured some milk in without really looking, closed it and started the shake. We usually cut them into smaller pieces to make sure the blender doesn’t get damaged.

I’ve tried to answer those to the best of my ability. We tried silicone mats, but we didn’t bend the sides and they were difficult to use. We started using PLA as it's a very forgiving plastic when melting it, and it doesn't release a bad smell when melt. I haven’t been making a morning smoothie as I leave for work super early and the dang Vitamix is soooo loud!! There’s one thing all health officials agree on, we don’t get enough greens. We bend the edges of the oven paper so there aren’t any spills, but they can only be used twice based on our experience.

I’m about to change your life. At the present time I have a used Ninja blender and toaster oven, etc. 2 years ago. Glass or Plastic? As promised, we have done all the head-scratching for you and made a list of 15 best portable blenders. I'm asking because that's the not the container for the 5200 and furthermore there's no way the blades would bend like that simply because the plastic cap interacted with them, no matter how fast the blades were spinning, especially in the 2 seconds as you mentioned. ; just getting my home set up to be my studio for a year or so. Blend once. Less time doing dishes and more time drinking smoothies. This was purchased brand new, in July I can see it on the barcode section too. Unfortunately, in stage 1 we have also used a laser cutter to make the different items, and the price and accessibility of that machine may make it difficult to replicate this project if you don’t have a FabLab or Maker space in your city. And, I’d lose the most nutritional value by not having one at all. Remove the plastic panel with the oven paper below.

I never thought about it. There isn't noticeable chipping or anything, just the one blade was tilted upwards. 0. Visit VeggieBoards's profile on Pinterest. In order to achieve that, we recommend the following: There are many ways to press the plastic panels, and we did it as DIY as possible. Fill your jars. Very interesting, and nice to see the progression and things you learned along the way. I would check out the rest of the smoothie to see how big the pieces are. What I was attempting to make were soles for shoes. My dad swears by them though. I’m sorry. Many people recommended us using a meat grinder instead of a blender to shred plastic due to the kind of motor it uses. You only have to clean the blender once. If you do not want to register, fill this field only and the name will be used as user name for your post. And when it only takes 60 seconds to blend up a smoothie or soup, I don't consider it much of a sacrifice to wait for it to finish blending. Warranties dont usually cover user fault and honesty I dont see how you can spin this as anything else. Now you can pick a good blender and make power smoothies for travel sports. Hope I didn't swallow too many :-o, Well I understand that in factory farms in some parts of the world, they've put plastic in the feed for cows. This will prevent cracking.