Great quality bearings that are more in number as compared to many other reels. Use it mostly for sight cast fishing. The side plates are made of Carbon, and the reel has an aluminum alloy frame. Packed with Abu Garcia's most advanced reel technologies as well, it's a true performer. But the current generation has been upgraded to the Infini braking system. All in all, we will not hesitate to put our money on this one. ​The reel is full of corrosion-resistant components that, in practice too, show a great deal of aversion to corrosion. Precisely engineered from top to bottom, the Abu Garcia REVO SX Rocket Casting Reel is the most powerful, durable, high-performance SX reel to date. Not that it was delivering substandard fishing gear in the past, but their. Designed by the 2003 Bassmaster Classic Champion, Mike Iaconelli, the Abu Garcia REVO IKE Casting Reel combines a number of Abu Garcia's signature technologies with unique, Ike-inspired cosmetics to put true tournament performance in the hands of the everyday angler. The reel, despite being light in weight, turns out to be really strong. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned angler, you will love the Revo SX baitcasting reel. ​Despite all the adjustments made to the reel and all the great features you read about above, Abu Garcia has made sure that the rel easily fits into a serious angler's budget.

Many anglers have noted the powerful drag that the Revo SX provides and how smooth and consistent the drag is across the entire drag range. And lastly, the D2 gear system with brass gears proves to be the icing on the cake in terms of durability.

Let us tell you straight away that Abu Garcia Revo SX is a fine mid-budget reel. Fitted with the Infini brake system, the Revo SX has a combination of a centrifugal brake that controls the first half of the case and a magnetic brake that controls the second half of the case. Those who look for something lightweight, which does not compromise much on the performance, are the kind who will love this one. Furthering REVO's long lineage of tournament-grade performance, the Abu Garcia REVO S Gen 4 Casting Reel offers advanced design and unmatched quality all-in-one package. ​Abu Garcia has been consistently delivering some of the most adored fishing gear and tackle. Made to handle high-resistance baits, like crankbaits, the Abu Garcia REVO Winch Gen 4 Casting Reel offers a low, 5.4:1 gear ratio that reduces fatigue and improves performance throughout a long day of chucking-and-winding. Lightweight shaky heads, flat sided-crankbaits, lure weights, lines that otherwise tangle easily, it handled them all with ease. Further, a carbon and metal construction allows rough usage without the fear of wrecking the reel and rendering it useless. And lastly, the price point is pretty appeasing too, given the features it carries. The refinements over the generations in the Revo SX models have been strong and shown some significant improvements.Thus, if you are looking for a reel high in performance and a great deal as value for money, go and get the Revo SX right now. ​The change from aluminium to brass gears have significantly impacted the Revo Sx's retrieve. ​Thanks to the oversized gears, the retrieve ratio is supremely impressive. No doubt, the Revo SX is one hell of a workhorse reel, but we personally feel that the retrieve could have been a bit speedier as other reels in the same price range have super high retrieves.

This amazing dual brake system is great because it allows for a wide range of adjustments, which means it can suit any style and is perfect for those who like to switch it up a little. The maintenance requires minimal efforts on your part, and you need to look after it just like any other standard reel, i.e., nothing too extravagant. ​An angler always looks for the perfect balance between price and features in any given fishing reel. ​The weight gain is noticeable when you begin fishing with it, but that doesn't seem to inhibit the reel's functioning or compromise an angler's comfort in any way.​. The reel remains at a low and comfortable height on the reel seat and is, ​The weight gain is noticeable when you begin fishing with it, but that, ​​​The Revo SX has very high-quality corrosion-resistant bearings along with a roller bearing, which provides ample protection against saltwater. Hauling in marsh redfish. The new mid-range offering in the Ambassadeur line up, the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur SX Casting Reel delivers smooth and durable round reel performance at a reasonable price. The components have been thoroughly tested by Abu Garcia, and there are no ugly gaps or protrusions as the side plates are really well-aligned with the frame. ​Abu Garcia has been consistently delivering some of the most adored fishing gear and tackle. But in the mid-budget section, this can easily be your go-to reel. Overall I have got to say the Abu Garcia Revo SX is a pretty amazing baitcasting reel and is definitely worth the money. Abu Garcia is well known in the world of fishing for producing top quality rods and reels and other fishing tackle, and the Abu Garcia Revo SX reel is no different. Epitomizing tournament-caliber design, the Abu Garcia REVO SX Rocket Casting Reel features a Power Stack Carbon Matrix drag system that provides enough power to stop kicker fish in their tracks. Further, the presence of a Ti coated line guide only increases the durability.

The Infini brake system is also something that is noteworthy combining, a centrifugal brake with a magnetic break to bring you a top-level performance. The body is rock solid and maintains reliable performance. You'll find more information on cookies at, Free Ground shipping on orders over $50    |     Free Returns, Abu Garcia Revo SX Rocket Casting Reel with Josh Bertrand, Abu Garcia REVO Beast Rocket Casting Reel, Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Beast Round Casting Reel, Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Pro Rocket Black Edition Reel. Retail Hours: (Walk In Traffic) Temporarily Closed, Curbside Pickup: Tue - Sat: 10am - 3pm PST Sun - Mon: Closed *Pick up location - Tennis Warehouse Unit 110, Phone Hours: Monday - Friday 6am - 6pm PT Sat - Sun 10:00am - 3:00pm PT.

Beginner level anglers make do with 2-3 ball bearings whereas the intermediate or advanced anglers who try to catch bigger fishes require 5-6 as it gets the job done. With an extended 90 millimeter handle that has oversized PVC knobs which gives the angler more leverage and allows you to fish for longer, and more comfortably throughout the day.

And due to pitching too, we would have preferred that Abu Garcia would have kept the MagTrax system. Abu Garcia’s REVO SX Low Profile Bait Cast Reel. The high-quality components provide a lot of efficiency while still maintaining durability. Previously, there was a matte finish, which made it seem like a low-quality reel. Precision engineered to provide to deliver power and performance the Abu Garcia Revo SX has an upgraded brake system that provides smooth engagement and magnificent casting performance. Built with an increased emphasis on tournament performance, the Abu Garcia REVO SX Gen 4 Casting Reel features a host of cutting-edge technologies that give competitive anglers the edge over big bass. Offering new upgraded features and styling, the best-selling Abu Garcia C3 Casting Reel delivers reliable, proven performance at a value conscious price. All Rights Reserved. Coming with some really high-end features like the Infini brake system, brass gears, and a Power Matrix Drag, the reel somehow still manages to be in a tempting price range. The components have been thoroughly tested by Abu Garcia, and there are, ​The previous generations of the Revo SX reel came with a basic MagTrax braking system. Happy Fishing! Imagine what can you achieve with it!

It is lightweight and still remains very strong which is great for any angler. But here, you get the best of both worlds. The frame of the reel is remarkably lightweight yet is very strong and durable, this is down to its alloy frame, a truly great bit of tackle.

Designed with a focus on durability and strength, the Abu Garcia REVO Beast Casting Reel is built using a number of advanced technologies, like a Power Stick Carbon Drag System that outputs 30lbs of max drag pressure, giving anglers the muscle necessary for trophy fish. Good to know that Abu Garcia emphasizes even the minutest aspect of their reel. ​The setup gives more power in the hands of an angler. Select your reel cover below. Abu Garcia says the fourth-generation Revo SX delivers the most durable and powerful high performance yet. The gear ratio rating is 6.4:1, but in reality, it feels better than that. The Revo SX boasts of an awesome line capacity of 12/145.