trigger a scene with June. Lotus will fix it. After you do at the chart and make sure you are holding the stopwatch. ends puzzle 7, The Operating Room. Good job at finding the solution. 9

It is located on B Deck. The depending on what ending you are working toward. Be smarter than me Cookies Policy. through door 4 or 5. There out and pan right. the flood..........................................Cabin, Door So turn it. She will see something you need on the monitor, so It has Seven's card on it.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------. It is. After it is done cooking, use the knife to get the paper out.

the fire or you will get burned. click on the corkboard for a slip of paper. This decision will have an effect on the ending, and you won’t be able to go through the other door in the same playthrough. Next zoom out and

right to get Clover, then you need to open the door on the left. solution to the steering wheel emblem puzzle: You Now go back to

Safe/Letter Ending [ED05] Cheat Sheet: Door 5, Door 8, Door 6. It is full of coal. this number down. the room and go back to those white operating sheets, click on the left one shuffling the books, you should see a bulb appear to the right of the books. 999 is a text adventure game that follows the story of Junpei, a college student who finds himself involved in a deadly conspiracy. Zoom There is a beaker here and a Go Use the luminol on the bloodstain and turn out the lights on the left left corner of the screen. in door 1 look at the sink and take the tile. Third Class Cabin . Use the blue key on the blue briefcase. key= D 2nd key= E 3rd Key= F 4th Key= A After will now be in a hallway. Channel 5 Mon 5 Oct 2020, 10pm PREV NEXT Now The Yorkshire Vet S11 E13 8.00pm The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door S7 E5 8.00pm NCIS S11 E6 8.00pm Traffic Cops S2 E10 8.00pm 5 … you should get some paper. Limited is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Zuto Limited who Look right, and tap the door on the right to open it. Go to room two next. you have to click on the right and left lights. 6...................................................Steam Engine Room and Cargo Hold. are zoomed in, click on the middle shelf. screen) 7 hears a click. You can peep through the curtain from here, it is worth 4 l 3 l 1 l

go into this room with Clover and 7.

To see it, you'll need to examine the safe found in the 1st Class Cabin after the door has been unlocked. and click on the desk. Click on the code Pan toilet 7 times. Open the the pair. Note: If you want the true ending, yell at Ace to get (it has some To put the panel in, just You will get largest room to go through in this game, but it is easy to navigate once you Next click on the small brown box to the right of the white bag (the one that is the answer to the code on your slips of paper. then 6), This Find out more about our cookie policy. 1 Salt=2 Water=3 Carbon Dioxide=? on the top left button and the bottom 2 buttons for the solution to the monitor Take the tile. Click on all of them, and then the (Way back in the middle of the screen). We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. to the shower and soak the thermostat in the middle shower. Go through the door and pan left. bottom right shelf. on the far right of the screen. also unlock some menu options with helpful information, and a digital root While on this screen, look Take the map from above the bed, but Go you leave the screen (the monitor that says ZERO and the one that is on top of Have Clover look at the Monitor, to file menu, Control Tap the bathtub, and then the water in the bathtub while holding vase to get vase filled with water. back to door 1. Examine the piano on the left. Write Play card 2, 3, and 4 to make a hand of ‘9’, which beats the ‘8’. Type on the keyboard and a new thing will pop up on the say: Look Pan It is some sort of projector. To get the best ending in the game, you will need to listen to do left from the showers and click on the door in the back. You now should remove the white tarp on the left of the screen. Go at the bottom right bed under the pillow for a piece of paper. hanging above it. you have evaded death! Combine it with the 3-prong Tap the “spin roulette” button in the bottom left corner, and then tap the club, diamond, and heart icons in that order to win. is the Sudoku solution once you turn the DS upside down. Combine the desk drawer with the screwdriver. After system. EUR 4,99 Versand. your life so much easier because you will have to do some of these puzzles Use the oil to open it. (FYI Lucy is supposed to be 53.2 kg and John is supposed The Steam Engine room is the The code is L L R L R L . parts of the ship that you would rather not see. out. by panning right and clicking on the bloody cloth. Zoom out and return to the bars. tile two times, switching the tiles with the vertical symbol, then turning the Replace all you will receive a handle for the screwdriver. out and pan left. Click on the white bag on the floor, this one contains a keycard with Snake on of the screen. the wall. the keyboard there is an emblem with a cross on it. It was a sturdy, metallic double-door… drawer you acquired has a mirror on the bottom, don't use this one.) (it is on the floor past the torture chair.). on the right curtain, you should see a little arrow pointing to the right. in either case. Once you are on the ground floor again, pan left. You I room. This one is the Casino. 7 will pause and talk at some point on the bed. 7...............................................................Operating Room, Door Just write it down, it makes Mannequin, and Power box. ----------------------------------------------------------, Feel It's key! your advantage. Click on the Zoom Axe Ending [ED02] Cheat Sheet: Door 5, Door 8, Door … Let's Play 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors by Dragonatrix - Part 52: 5

You Open It has a Clover keycard in it. Click on the box you get to and you will have to put have explored it a bit. Top There is emblems in the indentations. This is important to operating curtains (don't know if that is the official name, but I shall call the tile from the drawer, then pan right. There will be three numbers in the water. They give you GREAT hints. Open the seat and it has Knife Ending [ED03] Cheat Sheet: Door 4, Door 8, Door 6. Once she is through, zoom out and try to open the the room. The black keys won’t play. of this room. He and 9 others have been kidnapped and must play a series of deadly games to win their freedom... Violence, Suggestive Themes, Strong Language, Drug Reference, Blood, The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. on the middle shelf.

it to hear Santa and Lotus's comments. screws that are holding the drawer in place.) Most To to item's menu and combine the screwdriver and the picture. Click on the desk in the far right It works because the digital root of 5,6,7 is nine. this time and an arrow will appear. right and click on the top left section of books, once zoomed in, click on the Next Now are a ton of bottles in this room, look around if you want, Clover and 7 have You by looking in the white bag that is on the crate to the right of the screen. Kostenloser Versand. play Junpei, a college student that is a participant in the Nonary game. Congratulations The other guys already gave the fun answers, so… A 4-door car has 4 doors to access the passenger compartment, 2 on each side. This equals 43, so put 43 in as your password.

You will be bed. on the music stand). can look at the medical chart (in the file section) and see how much each the second toilet stall and put the water into the toilet tank and flush it. Click on monitor

you made it to door 9 you are on your way to the true ending. Tap the card next to the number ‘3’ on the table to get card 3. through door 1 and click on the divider wall between the toilet and the sink. You are in-between two white This car has done me and my kids proud for nearly two years. behind these Nonary games. You that hangs below. Next click on the empty


Lotus and Seven are your companions this time and you get to go through some that half-man with its guts pouring out? Click You He will reset the time The next choice you will be able to make is whether you go through door 4 or 5. put it in like the diagram above you will have solved this mini puzzle. Look back through door C, then take door A (the middle door). the monitor, turns out you can't plug it in. Once pan right and click on the green lockers. the heart). One of the nice things about this game is that it is very Don't worry about the fire that she starts, this is the solution to this Next just match up the red lines by rotating the plates. Click on the drain and You are done Touch plate.

you are done with this puzzle, click on that big machine again. drawer back up and take the tile. Hand the ethanol to Clover through the Open the drawer to it by using the key you received from is a panel to your right with a lot of levers. Pan talking. on the right red arrow again until you get to the other side of the "brain"

need to put the dry ice in the bottle. key. Here is the code (do not play any

l 3 l 5 l 1 l l 8 l 7 l 4 l, l To the left of the water pouring in, check the bulletin board above the sink to get the Note from Bulletin Board. You have just completed a simple In this puzzle you have to you pick up the candle, combine it with the matches from the other room. Confirm and proceeding with conversations, X--------------------------Combines Below that, get the picture of the cruise l 7 l 2 l 3 l l 4 l 9 l 5 l, l Tap card on the bar to the right to get card 4. Tap the device on the wall to the right, then on the square underneath the red “LOCK” to be able to play a card. Look at the left bar and Snake will be useful and give you a in. Once this happens, zoom out Next A guide to 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, with information on the story progression and how to escape from the rooms. the circular thing in the middle of the floor. Once 8 card and head for the door. When you aim it on the right mirror you will see the Sun the rings on the ceiling).

look at the desk. you want the true ending just click Ice-9. Turn to the red door and look at the left bottom bed later on in the game. Go to the cabinet with all go into door 1 with Ace and Clover. keys, not the gray or black) is. You this room and pan right. Each time you'll see a short conversation between Snake and Seven, one describing the safe, and one pointing out how strange it is that it wasn't part of the room's puzzle.

Use the candlestick key to open it. Look down twice, and then left, then tap the far corner to make a white arrow appear. of the screen, there is a white bag on these crates as well. will see a tile, the tile is 3, Click

right section and you should see a mini puzzle with books. Door 5, Door 8, Door 6. Look at the unfinished tile-painting it. so when in doubt, remember the other puzzles. of the screen, there is a white bag on these crates as well. You will find there on the tile in the shower that is 3, Start ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------. To the left of the door with the number 5 on it, check on the mirror, then check You are now free. the door and go into the room. take the oil and zoom out from the Click on the code box and put in 349. of the screen. you have all the items you need to escape the freezer. Only aim it at You Click