the power connector on the gpu is a 8-pin pci-e connector and while my psu has a 6 and 2 pcie connector it still doesnt help me…

Do you still get the beeps when the 8-pin PCIe is connected to the card?

My new mobo has an 8 pin cpu power port but I have two 4 pins, is it ok to use an 8 pin adapter and plug my two 4 pins into this adapter? This power supply comes with two 8-pin (6+2) connectors which can use in your GTX 980. i bought it used so i dont have them. The power should not matter as the card’s power consumption is not that high. Is it because of lack of 6 pin, or could the card be defective? I’d like to get some custom modded PSU cables for my build. The msi 2080 ti needs 1x 6pin and 2x8pin to be powered? You didn’t seem to be concerned about the fact that the supplied OCZ cables with 8-pin connectors at the PSU end have only 6 wires connected, leaving two empty pins. However, I would advise you to use only 6-pin PCI-E connectors for that 8-pin to (6+2)pin connectors at the same time. It does have two 6-Pin PCI-E connectors and 9 Molex connectors. Is that very slow download that starts by exec’ing the .run file normal?

I wouldn’t do that because you don’t know the current that this adapter is capable of providing. What GTX 1650 SUPER model do you have?

which adaptor should i get? I have not found a prefabricated 3-1 however Thank you for all your great work…. My mb is legacy. if you have i3,i5 or i7 CPU (do you), So, that power supply just have 6+2 PCI (same as having 8pin, right)? What you have to say about this?

That is how I ended up here, instead of replacing the PSU in the first place .

Cpu cooling fan 120 mm rgb Don’t ever use SATA power connectors for PCI-E power as they don’t provide enough power. Yes, it will provide the same power as 8-pin. first thanks for helping all the graphics card illiterate people like myself. I hope you understand now =) if this is possible just let me know regarding to math, watts and safety. Akshat, I have a 300W PSU in my computer. So, i want to plug one GPU in one Output only from the PSU. It has an 850 watt power supply. Yes, Molex to PCIe connectors should be avoided with graphics cards with higher current draw or power consumption. So my Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 XT has a 6+2 pin and 6 pin.

Found your article and sent it over to help make my case. Now about 8pin of pci-e, how is justified the more wattage (if it isn’t exactly the double) from the 6pin of pci-e, while it has two more pins which are grounds (0amps –> 0watt) & NOT 12v so to be logically ? However, if you are still skeptical then you can use dual 6-pin to 8-pin connector or dual SATA / Molex to 8-pin connector, but i think a single 8-pin to 6-pin adapter will do the job perfectly. Yes the same that you are talking about (8pin) to 2x(6+2). What you think about EVGA 650W? #magic! My current PSU is a 600W ion 2 and it has two 6 pin PCI-e cables.

The motherboard is a lenovo s30 0568 and it supports 2 gpus for it has 2 pcie x16 lanes. =) You may mean the manually overclocking which increase very much the default gpu clock & memory clock. 1) which has lower speed than sata 3. I am in the UK. It is totally dependent on the PSU. If I buy a Modular Power Supply that comes with original cables (6)+(8) that means the power supply and the cables are ready for it. My new video card is an NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super with an 8-pin PCI-e power input on the card. or do I have to ensure that it goes from the 6 pin GPU to the 8 pin on the PSU like the cables that came in the box? The GPUS have inputs of (6)+(8), So i can normaly plug one output of 6+2pins leaving the 2pins aside ON GPU 6PINS and other output of 6+2 ON GPU 8PINS. I’ve just purchased a 1080ti card but my PSU (750w rated) only seems to have a space RED 6 pin PCIE cable and the card needs a 6 pin and 8 pin. A this price point, I would suggest GTX 1660 or you can even find a GTX 1660 SUPER. Do I use that one cable and plug in the length of 6 and 8 Pin connectors?

hey There is no need to physically disconnect the GPU. Hey sorry to bring the prior issue back up. It’s a good quality PSU that has lasted years and has caused no trouble.

first link is not correct. The case is Dell precicion tower 5810. This power supply has only 18A on its 12V rail, which comes out to be 216W only. 6+2 pin PCIe connector is the same as 8-pin PCIe connector and should work. For other two 6-pin PCIe connectors, you can use a 4-pin Molex to 6-pin PCIe adapter cable.

So 2power supplies, 12PCI outputs for 6GPUs? When I next pop open the box I’ll check that, I now have only the 6-pin connected, to the top 6 pins of the 2060, and away from the CPU the thing you depress with a thumb to release . Hi, do you happen to know what is the safe wattage to pull from a dual SATA to 8 PIN PCIe adapter? SATA to 8-Pin PCI-E Adapter Cable – If your graphics card has an 8-pin connector but your power supply has neither 6-pin or 8-pin connectors then you can use this SATA to 8-Pin converter cable to power your graphics card. Do it at your own risk and I am not taking any responsibility in such DIY cases. (12V x 18A). Can you help me in lieu of diagrams and instructions from the video card and the PSU? Why is it safe to use this type of connector with any GPU and let it potentially pull 150W through a 6-pin PSU connection only rated for 75W? 1. You can use a 6-pin to 8-pin adapter for your RX 580 and I think it should be okay if you have a good 500W or higher PSU. And the 8 pin on the GPU card won’t have 2 grounds if I use a 6 pin to 8 pin converter. Default case fan For VR, GTX 1660 Ti is a very good choice if you are on budget. The original has two 6-pin cables connected, direct from the 610w PSU, and I assumed I could split these, ending up with four 6-pin cables, so two for each card. No you can’t mix them. I currently have a gtx 760 which requires a 6 pin and 8 pin (6+2). Thanks in advance. Okay and do let me know after afterwards. SATA to 8-Pin PCI-E Adapter Cable – If your graphics card has an 8-pin connector but your power supply has neither 6-pin or 8-pin connectors then you can use this SATA to 8-Pin converter cable to power your graphics card. I just bought a cheap power supply and an MSI gtx 760. Max combined wattage 600w, can i use 6+2 pin on that grafic card i just got it and my power suply have it so i dont need to buy 6+6. I just purchased a Dell XPS 8940, which I was surprised to find only has a single PCIe 6-pin connector available from the Dell 360w psu. That would give me 2 x 8-pin male connectors for the GTX 980ti, but my friend says he doesn’t think a 6 to 8 adapter gives full power through put. How many Molex and SATA connectors does your PSU have? GIG. My power supply has 600 Watt. It is better to use molex connectors from two different cables of the PSU, Thanks for replying so fast ! My PSU DPS500XB A only has 6pin and 12 pin sockets (i think they’re EPS not PCIE). The cable looks good but make sure that the cable connectors and wires are having proper contact.

What is the best cable for not losing the power while converting into 8 pins? Akshat i am planning on getting a new GPU my choice was to get the Gigabyte Rtx 2060 super although i really like the white version of it i found out the it only got one 8 pin connecter as apposed to a six and an 8 pin connector for the black version. Why my Sapphire R9 280x require 2 8pins + pcie x16 of mb = 375 watts ? Works perfectly. I see. Is the same I was talking about? Thx for your prompt reply. However, in this case even a 6-pin to 8-pin PCIe cable would be sufficient because power consumption of GTX 1660 Ti is rated at 120W only. Cos if you needed 225W or 300W from the PSU then you’d need 1x 8pin(150W) and another 8pin to 6(+2)pin (75W) = 225W OR 2x 8 pin = 300W Is this right? A decent 600W PSU should have around 49A on its 12V Rail. This is common in the power supplies (Y-branch). Also, what PSU is this and how much is its wattage? Your dual 4-pin molex to 8-pin cable looks fine but remember to use separate 4-pin molex connector for each 4-pin molex input on the 8-pin PCI-E adapter otherwise you can overload the single rail and this can cause damage to the PSU or your card. (CPU to GPU) CPU 8 Pin Female to Dual PCIe 2X 8 Pin (6+2) Male Power Adapter Splitter Cable for Graphics Card BTC Miner 9-inch (23cm) (Pack of 2) COMeap.