The Teviot Row House is a historic building inside the Edinburgh University. Kilts, tartans and bagpipes aren’t Scottish inventions. The population of Scotland in 2011 was around 5.3 million. Edinburgh was the most modern city in the world in its hay-days. A Dangerous Business is a participant in several affiliate programs. But it was also influenced by Latin, Norse, and even Norman French. – Source, 11. 25. There is an Island off of Scotland where wallabies have happily inhabited and adapted to the climate there since the 1940s. Loch Ness Monster is more than just a mythical folklore in Scotland.

37. While the title character of William Wallace was indeed involved in the First War of Scottish Independence, the movie paints him as a commoner when he was actually nobility. According to, “Scottish Banknotes are legal currency – i.e.

Today, Scotland has more than 125 whisky distilleries in six different whisky regions. Some call it ear-torture and some sway and dance to its rhythm. Scotland would then go through a period where it lost a lot of power to the new Parliament of Great Britain and the UK monarchy. 19 Fucking Odd Facts About Scotland That'll Make You Say "Hmm, Random" Bill Murray once showed up at a student party in Scotland and did their … This magnificent stone was used to build London’s House of Parliament, Waterloo Bridge, Trafalgar Square, and the Thames Embankment.

– Source, 2.

There are 14 Scottish universities some of which are the oldest universities in the world. In 1707 the Act of Union was signed, meaning Scotland, England and Wales were now a single state with one monarch (known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain). – Source, 23. Ithaca College is planning to eliminate 130 full-time teaching jobs, saying COVID-19 accelerated an ongoing need to…, Unlike Zoom, new ed-tech startup Engageli has purposely designed its videoconferencing platform with college and un…. Following the battle, the British government was determined to bring the Highlanders under their control and harsh laws were passed to eradicate all aspect of Highland culture, including the Gaeliclanguage and traditional clothing. The flight runs between two of the Orkney islands (Westray and Papa Westray), which only lie 1.7 miles apart. 26. There are around 300 castles in Scotland.

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( Log Out /  The Highlands and islands are amazing – I’ve visited several, but always want to go back!

Their merger formed the United Kingdom of Great Britain giving rise to factions which to this day opposed the unification. The Encyclopedia Britannica, which is the Wikipedia of the past, originated in Scotland. The head of the Scottish Government is the First Minister.

That means 26 tourists for every local.

Scottish drinks.

Neither side could score a goal. Checking out some of those islands will be on my itinerary! The longest echo ever recorded in a man-made structure was set in an underground fuel depot constructed in Scotland before WWII when a blank was fired from a pistol it lasted 112 Seconds. With so many habitats, there’s plenty of fascinating wildlife to see in Scotland. Scotland engineer John Logie Baird is credited with contributing a lot to the modern TV.

If you hate jet lags, take the Loganair flight from Westray to Papa Westray, which happens to be the world’s shortest commercial flight.

Edinburgh is Europe’s fifth largest financial center. In the 1970s crude oil began to be pumped from the North Sea, creating a new industry in Scotland. Scotland is a great country to visit because there are many must-see attractions for any type of traveler. It was delivered to the National Library in Scotland for painstaking restoration. I think the whisky-whiskey spelling difference goes back to the different translations of it from the different forms of Gaelic. My next trip there I hope to visit some of the Islands and more of the Highlands. The Bank of Scotland, set up in 1695, is one of the three oldest banks in Britain. – Source, 13. Read the full disclosure policy, Did You Know? Born in Scotland, a pioneer of modern medicine, Sir Alexander Fleming, is credited with the discovery of penicillin.

50. Out on the mountains and in the moorland you might spot majestic red deer or mountain hares while the islands are the perfect place to spot seals and seabirds, such as puffins.

One of the largest performing arts festival in the world, the Edinburgh International Festival, attracts over 300,000 people annually. The simple Thistle plant is the national symbol of Scotland. Scotland sure is lovely in the sun. Learn more about me here. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Scotland has many untouched and pristine islands. Seeing where a few of the main events occurred enhanced the experience too. They're all available to purchase as prints over on Smugmug! The distillation of alcohol was first recorded in Europe, where monasteries distilled it from wine to be used mostly for medicinal purposes. The reason for so many castles is the clan-based system of Scotland. 432 people own half of the land in Scotland, however there outdoor access laws that allow privately owned land to be freely walked on and used as long as you leave no trace behind. The country can be roughly divided into three areas – lowlands, Highlands and islands.


Fact 2: Edinburgh was the first city in the world to have its own fire-brigade.

Interestingly, 1824 was also the year of The Great Fire of Edinburgh, a fire accident which went on for five days and burned the city to ashes. Fact 4: The most famous actor from Scotland is probably Sean Connery. – Source, 14. There are an amazing 15000 documented types of Scottish country dancing. It is located near Meikleour on the A93 Perth-Blairgowrie road. An intricate, 300-year-old map of the world was discovered wedged into a chimney in Aberdeen to stop a draft. So, while it's not technically a “country,” I still treat it as one in my mind. It was even on Lonely Planet’s list of top countries to visit in 2014! At the time, it was known as the Pitz and operated from the Anchor Recreational Centre.

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Check out our video on how to make the most out of your dream trip to Scotland while staying safe! Watch now. Not all of these islands are inhabited or even visit-able, but many of them are.

), he did make massive contributions to the technology. Many famed athletes and Olympic medal winners come from Scotland, including tennis player Andy Murray, rower Katherine Grainger and cyclist Sir Chris Hoy. Read: Some interesting facts about France. September 7, 2017 at 10:06 am. Any travel content you find here is only meant for inspiration and research right now!

Despite billions of pounds worth of being printed and used every year, there is no legal tender paper money in Scotland, even Scottish bank notes are not legal tender in Scotland. 18. Hard-core science enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the legend Sir James Clerk Maxwell, founder of modern electromagnetism, was born in Scotland. Each clan held a particular territory and clan members could be distinguished by the clothes they wore – the origins of what we now know as Scottish clan tartan! Were fighting for the crown; This is something new I learned while researching this post: Scotland has three official languages.

4 responses to “25 Interesting Facts About Scotland” elijah. 7. 55. Despite these uncertain times, the 1700s also saw the beginning of one of the greatest periods in Scotland’s history – the Scottish Enlightenment.

There are lots of other technical requirements, but those are the main ones. Read VisitScotland’s Scottish Wildlife Series to find out about six of the country’s coolest animals!