That's the million dollar question. If you're right, you can make free money from me. Click the buttons to see the ways each candidate’s outlook has changed over time. Watch the blue wave in the Midwest.

Nevada: If there ever was a state where the "keep the county open" message wins you votes its this one.

Where the original space race was a nationalistic competition between Cold War rivals, the new space race is collaborative and commercialized. If predictions come true, the lead-up to the U.S. election could be a wild ride. Looks like the working class turned out for trump on election day.

Zhuhai Orbita Aerospace Science and Technology Co. International Organization of Space Communications (Intersputnik).

Biden could pull an EC win without a popular vote win very easily. August 2018: /u/Montrea1er - Dead By Daylight, /u/giornoE and /u/surbhitl- Mafia III, September 2018: /u/Ultrafares and /u/LemmeWinbro - God of War III and /u/Aecesaje - QUBE: Director’s Cut, October 2018: /u/andy7050 and /u/the-ghost-gamer - Friday the 13th The Game, December 2018: /u/Aecesaje, /u/SpocktorWho83 and /u/Quality_Controller - Papers Please, January 2019: /u/FiskuPL, /u/Jaybo_567 - Steep, February 2019: /u/marcelonan, /u/Johnnybats330 - For Honor, March 2019: /u/iminiki, /u/quaznarg - The Witness, May 2019: /u/agentjob, /u/jimboe123456 - Overcooked, /u/greg225, /u/jossmilan7412 - What Remains of Edith Finch, June 2019: /u/woutdh, /u/nickyoung1982 - Borderlands, July 2019: /u/savagetheparadox, /u/foxbearbear - Detroit: Become Human, /u/tamboara - Horizon Chase Turbo, August 2019: /u/AlphaSpookster, /u/darkkhan - Sniper Elite 4, September 2019: /u/aravindhram, /u/Boarcupine, /u/Cronieseee - Batman, October 2019: /u/TheArkaniumGamingHD, /u/PokeFace42, /u/WarMast3r, /u/jossmilan7412, /u/Dhillonsuvi - Last of Us, November 2019: /u/dhedly, /u/judegmentkazzy1, /u/sogoseva, /u/Thorgal75, /u/cyrusOS, /u/Darkohaze /u/mancamiaipl - Nioh, /u/Revreal, /u/Re-Evolution7, /u/meretei - Outlast 2, /u/shadymerc, /u/CrossFire43 - Both Games, January 2020: /u/TankerxTanker - Uncharted, February 2020: /u/ElvisKramer1, /u/donovanm37 - Bioshock, /u/Jeuchum - The Sims 4, March 2020: /u/Asexual_Barbie_Boy - Shadow of the Colossus, June 2020: /u/pandu1990 - Call of Duty WW2, /u/SaintsFan0415 - Star Wars Battlefront, July 2020: /u/wenmatic, /u/messibusiness, /u/MiloGamesYT - NBA 2K20, /u/buzz737, /u/stafax, /u/hemanthsingh79 - Rise of the Tomb Raider. The website forecasts that VeChain will face resistance at $0.00916, $0.00943, and $0.00966. Welcome to my 2020 Election Predictions! Significant demographic shifts under the surface. We’ve searched for clues in everything from entrails to tea leaves to the arrangement of heavenly bodies in the night sky. Tax cut, tiny wall, travel ban, obama care no longer mandatory, he might not have done much, but to be fair, he certainly did more than Obama's 2nd term, and lets not forget the democrats did everything they could to prevent every single policy trump wants to get done and trump isn't going to be shy to point it out. About 60% of those are defunct satellites—space junk—and roughly 40% are operational. The polls were so wrong in 2016 how can we trust them you might say? Monthly Guess Thread. It looks like Nate will release the model soon. Become a Redditor . It IS a political subreddit for moderately expressed opinions. Texas: Is the 2nd biggest electoral prize in really in play here? Straying from the model to make things easier will only increase the margin of error. PLEASE. Some of you think the data i used for model 1 is incorrect, so i have done a recalculation and made a correction. Among the newly minted unicorns in 2019 was Airwallex, a company that allows businesses to track cross-border revenues. Enough beating around the bush, here are my predictions:,MN:0,NH:0,OH:1,AL:1,CA:0,CT:0,DC:0,DE:0,HI:0,ID:1,IL:0,IN:1,KS:1,KY:1,LA:1,MA:0,MD:0,ME:0,MT:1,ND:1,NE:1,NM:0,OK:1,NY:0,OR:0,RI:0,SC:1,SD:1,TN:1,UT:1,VA:0,VT:0,WA:0,WV:1,WY:1,NJ:0,MS:1,MO:1,N1:1,N3:1,AR:1,TX:1,M1:0,FL:1,IA:1,PA:1,NV:0,AZ:0,AK:1,WI:0,MI:0,NC:1,GA:0,M2:1,N2:0.