We don't sell/share your email. My confidence on Honda is diminishing on daily basis .. Start the engine and verify that the warning lights have turned off.

There is a "connection." Adaptive Cruise Control – there is a problem with the system.

TPMS, LKAS, ACC, brake system, ABS etc. Yesterday I experienced the car doors continuing to lock on their own while parking.

P0410 is a code for the secondary air injection system malfunction and a P0301 is a code for a misfire on cylinder 1. Hope this helps someone.

If it is an issue with the brake system, have your vehicle looked at immediately.

So she tell me that if ice or any debris hitting the radar while driving can damage the radar and this is not covered under Honda warranty.

There is no issue with your normal brakes.

We don't sell/share your email. While driving my 14 accord down the highway today, my tire air pressure light, engine, power steering and traction control lights came on at the same time.

NO FORUM HOMEPAGES. The complaints are organized into groups with data published by vehicle, vehicle component, and specific problem. Average failure mileage is 5,150 miles. Cars Bikes Power Products Racing Events World Subscribe here Understanding your Honda car’s warning lights. I will spare the bs with the service manager but long story short, they put the code reader on and couldn't find anything significant but showed there was lost connectivity (which to me is significant). How to Reset the MAINTENANCE REQUIRED ... How to Reset the Light for a Mitsubishi ... Troubleshooting Honda Accord Interior ... How to Disable the Ford Crown Vic OEM ... dashboard kilometer rpm image by willem169 from, Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, "Honda Accord 1998 thru 2002: All Models (Haynes Repair Manual)"; Haynes; 2005, "Honda Accord Automotive Repair Manual : Models Covered, All Honda Accord Models 1994 Thru 1997 (Haynes Auto Repair Manual Series"; Haynes; 1999, "Honda Accord 2003-2007 (Haynes Repair Manual)"; Haynes; 2009.

It’s fairly common for all the dash lights to come on with no alternator output, low voltage can cause unusual electrical issues. They were not able to determine what the issue is since the computer had reset itself. Honda Dashboard Warning Light Symbols and Meanings (Accord, Civic, Crv, Fit ) Honda Dashboard Warning Light Meanings Ford Explorer Toe Link Recall: 13 Crashes, 6 Injuries, read stories from drivers who praise our work. I’m getting a Warning message (i with a circle around it) which says “Headlight System Problem. The on-board diagnostics computer receives trouble codes from sensors positioned throughout the vehicle. This may be a sign of a dirty or failing mass air flow sensor. Stop in a safe place and let the engine cool down.

If it remains on even after you are buckled, have your vehicle looked at.

Hubby called them and told them they should have spent a little more time getting to the root of the lost connectivity instead of taking the lazy way out and doing a reboot and hope for the best,and with no promise that it wasn't going to happen again. The alternator should have been tested at the time of battery replacement.

Honda says "6831 lost communication codes". California consumers may exercise their CCPA rights here. Hi there.

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For more information on these, please consult your owner’s manual. The vehicle was taken to Norm Reeves Honda - West Covina, CA., where it was diagnosed that the spark plugs, cylinder, head gasket and valves needed to be repaired. After work I was on my way home when I noticed ALL warning lights/indicators appeared on the dashboard and moments later everything went dark again and the car began to shutdown while driving on the interstate. Parking Brake or Brake System – may need to release the parking brake before driving, or there is an issue with the Brake System. Now soon after that my taillight has a hole and I take it back to same dealer due to all lights on again. Purchased in May 2018 and noticed my brakes lights and Acc and other lights turn on and starts affecting my speed on the highway.

Lane Keeping Assist System Problem This This enduring Ford classic enjoyed a nearly two-decade run before being discontinued from the retail market with the 2007 model-year being the last. They checked the battery, computer, etc.

There are some icons on the dash that won’t go away and I cannot get the parking break light … I was driving on a side road (not a dirt, gravel, icy or snowy) and all of a sudden my dashboard lights up with 3 warnings. Unsubscribe any time. Which features are standard on the 2021 Honda Passport.

", "road departure mitigation system problem.

There may also be a few subtle issues with mounting the new... Hi there. Proper diagnoses should be performed to avoid unnecessary repairs. If this does not work, have your vehicle looked at. How can I turn this message off.