Easy to use parts catalog. Entering Saleen’s shop as a Mustang GT, this car exited as a 476 HP/435 ft-lbs supercharged beast capable of launching you to 60 MPH in just 4.6 seconds, and reaching a quarter mile in the high 12s. One such car is this 2006 Saleen S281 SC.

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Pre-Owned. 2006 Ford Mustang Saleen S281 Supercharged Coupe Steering Sport Metal Watch. C … SALEEN SUPER SHAKER UPGRADE (05-09), Saleen Gauge Pod Dash Kit Boost & Air Charge Temp Mustang GT (05-09), Saleen Pulley Series VI Supercharger 2.75", Saleen Hard Plastic Intake Tube S281/Mustang GT, Saleen Gauge Pod Kit (Boost & Air temp) Extreme 15psi, Saleen 05-09 S281 Rear Deck Lid Panel Kit, Saleen 05-09 Quarter Win. All rights reserved. Covers Heritage, Saleen 05-09 S281 SC Plastic Hood Vent RH, Saleen High Mount 3rd Brake Light 05-10 S281, Saleen 05-08 Silver Windshield Banner - Large, Saleen 05-08 White Windshield Banner - Large, Saleen 09-10 Silver Windshield Banner - Small, Saleen 09-10 White Windshield Banner - Small. RockAuto name, logo and, If you do not have an account but would like to check the status of an order, request a change, or report a problem with an order or shipment, please go to our. C $23.74. 2006 Ford Mustang S281 S281SC Saleen Owner Operator Manual User Guide Set. 2018-20 Programmers & Custom Calibrations, 2018-20 Whipple Superchargers and Upgrades, 2018-20 Paxton/Vortech Superchargers and Upgrades, 2018-20 ProCharger Superchargers and Upgrades, 2018-20 Edelbrock Superchargers and Upgrades, Snow Performance Water Methanol Injection, 2015-17 Programmers & Custom Calibrations, 2015-17 Mustang Edelbrock Superchargers and Upgrades, 2015-17 Ford Racing Superchargers and Upgrades, 2015-17 Vortech Superchargers and Upgrades, 2015-17 Whipple Superchargers and Upgrades, 2015-17 Paxton Superchargers and Upgrades, 2011-14 Programmers & Custom Calibrations, 2011-14 Mustang Roush Superchargers & Upgrades, 2011-14 Mustang Vortech Supercharger & Upgrades, 2011-14 Mustang Edelbrock Superchargers & Upgrades, 2011-14 Whipple Superchargers and Upgrades, 05-10 Mustang Programmers & Custom Calibrations, 2005-10 Mustang Roush Superchargers and Upgrades, 2005-10 Mustang Edelbrock Superchargers and Upgrades, 2005-10 Whipple Superchargers and Upgrades, 2005-10 Saleen Superchargers and Upgrades, 99-04 Mustang Programmers & Custom Calibrations, 2018 Mustang GT Roush Phase 1 Supercharger Package 700 HP, 2015-2019 Mustang GT Brenspeed Ford Racing Shock Stuts and Eibach Lowering Spring Package Installed, 2015-19 GT Kooks 1 7/8" Long Tube Headers Install Package, 2015-2017 ROUSH 670HP Phase 1 Supercharger Installation Package, 2015-17 Mustang GT Brenspeed Cooling Package W/ Adler High Performance Radiator Installed, 2015-17 Brenspeed ROUSH Phase 2 Supercharger 750HP UPGRADE Installation Package, Brenspeed 2015-17 GT Enhanced Traction and Anti Wheel Hop Package, Brenspeed 2015-17 GT Ultimate Suspension Upgrade Package, 2011-14 Mustang GT Brenspeed Edelbrock 585E, 2011-2014 Brenspeed 626R Roush Supercharger Install Package, 2011-14 Mustang GT BBK Long Tube Header Installation Special, 1999-14 Mustang GT FRPP 3:73 or 4:10 Gear Installation Special, 2005-14 Mustang GT Suspension Package Install Special, 2010-2014 Mustang GT Brenspeed Cooling Package Installed, 2005-2014 Mustang GT Rear End Rebuild Package W/ FRPP Gears and Strange Axle Upgrade Installed, 2005-2014 Mustang GT Rear End Rebuild Package with FRPP Gears Installed, 2005-2010 Brenspeed Paxton 1200 Throwback Supercharger Install Package, 2005-10 Mustang GT Camshaft Install Special, 2005-10 Mustang GT Half Price Header Installation, 2005-2010 BBK Long Tube Header Off Road X Pipe Install Package, 2005-2009 Brenspeed Cooling Package Installed, 1994-04 Mustang BBK Long Tube Header and Off Road H Pipe Install Special, 1994-04 Mustang GT Tokico HP Suspension Package Install Special, 1996-04 Mustang GT Exedy Clutch/Flywheel Install Special, Coyote Swap Programmers & Custom Calibrations, Auto & Manual Control Packs & Controllers, Saleen Series VI Supercharger Strut Tower Brace (05-09), 2005-2010 Saleen Supercharger Bypass Valve, 2005-2010 Saleen Supercharger Bypass Valve Assembly, Saleen Extreme Heat Exchanger Upgrade Package Mustang GT (05-09), UPGRADE!