Good gas milage on the motorway, but I had a small tank ( 2 gallons ) on mine so frequent top-ups needed. I ride daily, weather permitting. Easy to do all the maintenance yourself but buy the huge Harley Workshop (Telephone Directory size) Manual, about £60 - but worth every penny. In the end I got so fed-up with the frustration of riding a sports bike on the road I decided to take up racing instead, and vowed never to have a sports bike on the road again. Strong bike. Great choice for a first bike, one of the nicest sporsters I have ever seen. After many years of owning Japanese bikes, I finally got my first Harley. rear, 13-spoke black-painted aluminum cast (laced option) Brakes: Caliper Type Dual-piston front and rear Rotor Type (diameter x width): Patented, Uniform Expansion Rotors Front 11.5 in.

I have added Vance and Hines straight shot pipes for a rich Harley roar. Handling is very good as is the braking response. Its a great bike for the beginner and the seasoned veteran alike. for £2500, ride it for a while, if you don't like it you will get your money back on it. I will probably only ride a Harley from now on. (1.9 L) Oil Capacity 3.0 qts. Not so good two up, needs slightly stiffer suspension when two up as it bottoms out on speed humps and some rougher B class roads. But it does need to be on trickle charge when not in use to keep battery in good nick, what equipment. (734.1 mm) Seat Height (unladen) 29.1 in. (it's a '95 by the way). Lots of power and the 1200 can go and keep up with thge rest of them. Buy it. This is my first bike in 30 years. Parts can be expensive but the second-hand market is very good and if you punt around you can get some real cheap parts to keep you going ( buy you service items from the states with a mate or two, get 'em for half the UK, including the postage. 18 owners have reviewed their HARLEY-DAVIDSON SPORTSTER 1200 (1995 - 2007) and rated it in a number of areas.

MV Agusta broaden its customer base with Special Financial Promotions, Husqvarna 2nd but says “it was probably the best I’ve ridden all year” at AMA EnduroCross, New Chief Competition Officer for AMA Pro Racing American Flat Track, Yamaha signs Florida racer for 2021 Monster Energy AMA Supercross season, MXGP and MX2 teams ready for Final Showdown in Trentino, Sim Racing: Grand finale DTM Esports and Digital Nürburgring Endurance Results, 2020 MotoAmerica “It was great. I love it! F (20 deg. Less is better. I added more chrome but still an awesome ride. Dual discs mean brakes are fine. Nothing else out there looks or sounds like a Harley. I will also replace the stock mirrors with long-stem rectangulars. This thing rocks. The pullback buckhorn handlebar with tach and speedo, narrow 3.3-gallon fuel tank, quick detach passenger seat and black and polished motor all play a part in the styling of the Sportster® 1200. The more miles I put on this bike the better it gets. Ride Safe! on New 2021 BMW Models & Upcoming Review… Delivered! There's a lot of choices out there, but in my eyes, nothing beats a Harley. Loved it, would have one again any time. Added on a mid rise windshield, backrest, luggage rack and some chrome goodies. The true bikers are brand centric or brand offensive right?

Harley has made this rider a Harley enthusiast for a life time. Oil consumption wasn't a problem.

Thats my view anyway. I bought it w/about 14.5k miles. You can sign up for e-mail notifications when other riders answer you. The sound is ever so sweet and the look makes my sporty look more chopperish. As far as rust is concerned, the only parts that have rusted were after-market. 1985-2003.Harley-Davidson XL1200R Sportster: Uprated brakes, rubber engine mounts, 19” front, 16” rear wheels. It is slow everywhere else.

I find the bike to be a perfect size conventional model, not too big or too small.

Vibration is surprisingly low, I'd never owned a Harley before & was pleased with how little shock there was. This is my first motorcycle. It handles the twisties as if they were nothing. (2237.7 mm) Seat Height (measure laden w/ 180 lb.

Awesome Harley Davidson V-Twin rumble. Probably Harley’s most customised bike … It’s got a bit more presence, punch and space than the smaller 883cc family but without the weight and unwieldy feel of the 1340/1450cc big end motorcycles. To this day, the Sportster is Harley’s best selling model. (292.1 mm x 5.08 mm) Rear 11.5 in. "Mr. Totalmotorcycle". My only issue so far has been a loose ground cable connection at the battery, which left me stranded beside the road a few weeks ago.

The American company’s really improved things since the 70s and 80s and even the 90s. On the positive side, this bike has more than adequate power and very good fuel economy (54 mpg). It is also very nice to finally have some decent torque, which neither of my former Hondas had.

It packs a punch even in 5th gear going 65 mph. I agree in saying it is an awesome bike. The new Sportster's look great and sound great. Somewhat of a nuisance to clean it off. It vibrates. I’m stoked” says Suzuki Racer, NHHA 7: 100’s National Hare & Hound | GNCC 12: Ironman | Enduro Cross 1&2 Race Results. I'd not even give one of these to someone I strongly disliked. — Inspections of certain systems and components are required at 2,500 mile (4,000 Km) intervals —, Copyright © 1999 - 2020 | Total Motorcycle ∙ 10 Billion Hits. The finish is quite durable but remember the Harley-Davidson XL1200 Sportster is a motorcycle made for posing – any corrosion is a disaster so avoid winter use or clean religiously. Of all the bikes I have owned since 1973 this is the most fun & my wife loves to get on the back of it too. Only draw back is the stock seat, after about 2000 miles I had to get a better one and like all Sportsters, you will get some engine heat while at idle but none once you're rolling. Cast wheels 19” front, 16” rear, twin front discs, flat track handlebars, more sophisticated suspension with cartridge forks. Not sure I'd bother with the 883, just cant see the point in the smaller engine & it looks somewhat inferior to the 1200 version. It's not in the same bracket as a Fireblade ,but if you can keep that in mind, then the xl1200s DOES handle ! After around 100 miles, I decided the stock exhaust was way too quiet for my liking. Gas mileage varies from the low 40s in mixed city/highway riding to nearly 50 mpg. I'm not a small guy and it really moves my butt. At first I felt guilty spending the extra $$$, but glad I did. Added some drag pipes and carb rejetting, a small sissy bar and now all the guys with their big Japanese cruisers are a bit jealous. Historic, torquey, vibey it is but sporty it certainly ain’t. on Inspiration Friday: MotoGP Extreme Bagger Racing!

Hope this helps someone. For those of you that have read my reviews of my three previous bikes, this is my fourth bike in 15 months. It handles well for a cruiser/standard, and has good power for a 1200 cc V-twin. Some think that Sportsters are not "big" or "real" Harleys. All kinds of extras on it and stage one is complete. So, I don't have anything to compare too, but the tooling around I am able to do in the neighborhood is awesome. Whilst still getting my speed fix on the track, this has been a breath of fresh air on the road. The Harley sound, spirit and power however truly amazed me.

Tyres (as you say), don't waste money on racing profiles, you are going to drag something long before any quality cruising tyre loses traction. Best bike I have ever owned (but I live in the South of France where weather is fabulous) These bikes suit good weather as UK rain, road grime, salt & dirt kills these bikes. Weaknesses:
A bit crude, hard work above 70MPH. After an hour you lose all feeling in your hands. Personally, I would also prefer a cast 19 inch front wheel. The rear ride (im about 140lbs) can be a bit stiff, and honestly with a 2nd rider it smooths out. Click photo to enlarge. Wanted a 1200L. I tell people "im standing on it"..its called gravity....As some have said, the bike isn't modern, but it sure is lively, fun, with Pirelli Route 66 tires, really handles nimbly in my opinion. Not THE perfect machine, but as Robert Pirsig aptly wrote "..the real test, is the satisfaction the machine gives, there really is no other test".


, It's a basic Harley, so all the usual stuff applies: It looks great (if you like Harleys) You get laughed at (by people who don't like Harleys) It sounds great (at least it does now, after the Stage 1) It accelerates well enough around town. The Sportster is my third bike. Get the suggested trade-in value and retail price for your 2003 Harley-Davidson XLC Sportster 1200 Custom Anniversary Motorcycles with Kelley Blue Book 1st class, Best thing about my bike is the smile and the feeling I get when I'm out on it. STK 2832 2003 Harley Davidson 883 Sportster The Harley Davidson Sportster is a classic Harley model. Buying experience: Bought used from a dealer. No mechanical problems at all. If you have extensive experience with the MC, please send us a review.