Paris people

First Baby

But who cares as long as the people need to dream a bit? Let’s open a bottle of Champagne: Paris’s worst kept secret has finally been confirmed today. It was Pal Sarkozy, the talkative 82-year old father of Nicolas, who confirmed it: “I’m glad to be having a grandchild,” he said in a telephone interview with a journalist of the German tabloid "Bild", adding that neither his son nor his wife wanted to know the sex of the child “but I’m sure it’s a girl as beautiful as Carla”.

The baby and the paparazzi

A state secret turned out to be a pregnancy. But not a very common one. When the Bruni-Sarkozy baby arrives in October or November, the world media will go crazy. Imagine the paparazzi waiting outside the clinic. Only a baby in the house of the Mountbatten-Windsor could steal the show from this French First Baby. But even wonder woman Kate Middleton, pardon me, HRH Princess of Cambridge, will not be able to overtake Carla. Biology stands against her. The readers of “Mad about Paris” have already been put in the picture. To us, there was no doubt after the magazine Closer had published the good news on its front page on April 23rd without it being denied by the Elysée: “Finally pregnant!” And what did she say when a group of readers of Le Parisien asked her directly if she was pregnant? “I would love to talk, woman to woman, about my family life, about my personal dreams, a few details, some other things. I’m so talkative! But right now my lips must be sealed to protect something.”

Ok. And who's the father?

Carla never made a secret of the fact that she desperately wanted a second child, a first one with her husband Nicolas. She publicly repeated her desire so often, that the French wondered if something was wrong with the marriage: already broken? Completely arranged? Never consummated? And even today people are tweeting: “Carla is pregnant. But who’s the father?” Actually this long unfulfilled desire to get pregnant was one of the rare fields she didn’t master with the same perfection and adaptability as everything else. Carla was able to conceal all signs of her biological age but even she couldn’t trick the biological laws of the body of a woman in her forties. And the ugliest humiliation must have been the fact that her rival Rachida Dati, back then minister of justice and allegedly very close to Nicolas Sarkozy at some point, gave birth at 44 to a daughter – and nobody never ever knew the name of the father of the child.

A boost for the unpopular president

Of course, a baby just some months before the presidential vote in April 2012 is the most beautiful present Carla could giv to Nicolas. It will boost the unpopular president and could be as helpful as the sudden fall of his most feared competitor Dominique Strauss-Kahn. But don't blame it on the child.




Yes, we can!  Photo: AFP, Jacques Demarthon
Carla today: does the Dukan diet not work anymore? Photo: AFP, Philippe Wojazer