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Clotilde Courau at the Crazy Horse

Well, I didn't believe it. At all. Until tonight.

The Princess, better known under her stage and civil name Clotilde Courau, is actually performing until the 29th of September 2010 at the Crazy Horse. From tonight. She is not the first guest star here. After professional Dita von Teese, busty Pamela Anderson and Arielle Dombasle, the mermaid-like wife of philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy, Clotilde is just the first member of European Aristocracy to perform as a stripper.

Not a spark of sensuality

A major challenge you think? Me too. And then this: a free women, as she keeps saying, who' made the wrong decision. To tell you the truth, Clotilde Courau has the sex appeal of coat rack. She is beautifully dressed in Roberto Cavalli, but doens't reveal an inch of any part of her body that my grandmother wouldn’t have shown. She sings dirty songs, but you can’t possibly take her at her word. She moves like a tigress, but it looks like work out. In other words: she doesn't have single a spark of sensuality.

You might accuse me of not being very neutral. And I’m not. I do not especially like Courau as an actress. I imagine many of you won’t seen a film with her in and probably only know her from the gossip pages since she married to Emmanuele Filiberto, Prince of Venice and Piedmont in 2003.

But here in France she’s a well-known actress and had been long before her wedding. Not only she did she make some respectable films, she had made a good start and it looked, at the beginning, like a promising career. She won a lot of prizes for young, new talents. And then? Nothing. Not a sinle medal. It would seem that her trophy-husband wasn’t the best choice for her career.

Who’s next on stage of the Crazy Horse? The First Lady? Just Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and her guitar? After such a long time only wearing chaste Dior dresses she'd probably adore it. And us too. Let’s just wait for her divorce.Photos:
Clotilde Courau au Crazy Horse