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Chill out with Monet

No, seriously, already 400 000 visitors have seen the exhibition at the Grand Palais. 300 000 more are expected before the show ends on January 24th. But you have to queue up for hours and hours, and the cold weather doesn’t make this a very pleasant thing to do. Your only chance is to reserve tickets online, theoretically. Yet there are no tickets left.

The exhibition is completely sold out. Can you believe it? Tourism today is consumption of culture, which isn’t a bad thing in itself. On the contrary, it’s just that there are too many of us. Alas.

Only a few nocturnal tickets left

That’s why the Réunion des Musées Nationaux, the Union of the National Museums, has decided keep the show open all night for the last three nights on January 21 until 24 before closing definitively. And can you imagine? Most of the 19 000 "nocturnal" tickets are already sold. There is only a small time slot left from two until half past four in the morning.

I’m not kidding. Honestly not. Seeing Monet late at night could be an option after dining, but at three in the morning? Not for me. Although it's probably a very original form of chilling out.

A ravishing treat for the eyes

The thing is, this exhibition is an absolute must. It’s mind-blowing, it’s beautiful. And all those who thought it was just another Monet show, and we’ve already seen it all, came out completely enchanted. I have to confess, that I went there with a kind of indifference and I found myself with tears in my eyes in front of some of Monet's paintings. One critic put it like this: “A ravishing treat for the eyes.” Difficult to say it in fewer words.

If you are not a night bird, well, then there is only one thing left for the courageous: waiting in the cold to see Monet. It can take up to three hours. But isn’t life a bit too short to do that? Photos:
Illustration: © Cecile Trémolières