Chatomat: Neo soul food

When Chatomat opened during summer last year on a small road in Ménilmontant, the buzz was immediate. Here it was, a new place like Paris is always waiting for, a tiny restaurant with a generous and talented cooking couple in the kitchen bringing a lot of love on the plate. What else do you need?

Alice and Victor, the chefs here, can trace their family histories back to not only French ancestors but also Italian and Brazilian relatives. Maybe a certain enthusiasm derives from these somewhat southern origins, a passion for emotional “content” that goes far beyond getting just fed.

Fresh as an ocean breeze

Let’s call it a new kind of soul food, very French, when it comes to putting the ingredients center stage, but inventive too, when the play with herbs and spices becomes more adventurous. On the menu you’ll find three starters, three mains and three desserts to choose from. When we had dinner there, an excellent slice of cod was served with a delicious cilantro broth. The (nowadays very fashionable) mackerels were as fresh as an ocean breeze and – combined with red onions and a pea puree – brilliantly turned into a great salad.


The style is exactly in the line of the neo-bistro kitchen: products might be very simple but everything is of excellent quality and shines thanks to the talent and creativity of the guys at the stove. Yes, this is exactly the style you find at Septime, Saturne, Le Chateaubriand, and quite a few others. But it works. And as daily surprises are part of the concept, you won’t be bored too soon. Chatomat is absolutely satisfying, very reasonably priced and you won’t leave the restaurant feeling like a stuffed goose. Whoever goes there, will swear to go back.

That is why you have to reserve well in advance. But what a “Chat-o-mat” is? We haven’t found out. Tell us when you do.


6, rue Victor Letalle

75020 Paris

Tel. +33 1 47 97 25 77

Métro:Ménilmontant, Père Lachaise & Couronnes

Photo: © MAP