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Carla Bruni-Sarkozy pregnant?

Closer magazine, a gossip tabloid, published the breaking news last week. It’s not the first time. I agree. But this time they seem to be right. According to Closer, again, Carla is in her third month. Apparently French ministers have been told about the pregnancy, but were asked not to mention it because it is at such an early stage. Laurence Pieau, a journalist on Closer magazine, said: “We would not have revealed this information without being completely certain about it.”

No disclaimer

The Elysée hasn’t issued a formal statement though. Le Parisian reported, that Sarkozy’s communication aid Franck Louvrier, said: “This isn’t a topic that concerns me.” Neither the Elysée Palace nor senior ministers have denied the claims. In other words: no disclaimer, no confirmation. Neither yes nor no. Translate it with: Yes, she is.

"I'm so talkative!"

If there is any doubt left, you just need to read the interview published in Le Parisien today. It’s an interview Carla has given to a small group of readers of the newspaper last Friday. One of them asks her frankly, if she is expecting a baby. And Carla answers: “This is a gentle way to ask me, only, if you don’t mind me saying that I can not answer questions concerning my family (…). Frankly, if we were in a café, I would tell you immediately.” And she goes on: “I would love to talk woman to woman, about by family life, about my personal dreams, with details of a few things. I’m so talkative! But right now my lips must be sealed.” You can’t be clearer. Carla Bruni Sarkozy says, in other words, she would love to announce her pregnancy, but at the age of 43 and only three months pregnant, she must be cautious. And who can blame her?

A tiny belly

After the interview, having a glass together, nobody in the small group that had had the privilege of interviewing the First Lady was in any doubt: “Each time the photographer approached, she tried to hide her tiny belly with her scarf. She doesn’t deny it when you ask her the question off the record”, one of the readers claimed after the interview. Three years after her surprise wedding with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, her dream seems to come true. She has never hidden that she wanted to have another baby. And in 2008 she told Vanity Fair: “Having children with Nicolas would be a dream.”

A Petit Nicolas pour Nicolas?

Lately, on her state visit to India, she prayed for a son. It might work out. It would be the forth son for President Sarkozy who has three from his previous marriages: Pierre, 26, and Jean, 24, from his first marriage with Marie-Dominique Culioli, and Louis, 14, from his marriage with Cecila Ciganer-Albeniz. Carla has a son, Aurelien, nine, from a previous relationship with the philosopher Raphael Enthoven. Let’s keep our fingers crossed: if Carla’s dream comes true, she couldn’t offer a better and sweeter marketing tool to her beloved husband for the approaching election campaign.Photos:
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