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70 Parisian adresses not to be missed

Where do we eat tonight? Good question. In Paris you are spoilt for choice. But this doesn’t make things any easier. The Lebey guide just came out with a small, extremely practical fold-out map with 70 addresses not to be missed.

You might be in town for only a few days. You’ll never make all the superb addresses in Paris. Just a few restaurants. That’s why you want to avoid deceptions. Who wouldn’t? A sure way to do this is to stay tuned to “Mad about Paris”. Of course. Or to trust a reliable guide book. But who wants to carry the Michelin Guide all day long? Nobody.

It’s in English!

At Lebey they had the brilliant idea to produce this small map. And the good news is: it’s in English! It’s an excellent thing for people like you: a fold-out map you can take with you. It’s not heavy, it’s easy to handle and it will be published twice a year from now on.

The 70 best addresses are listed under several categories. In “What’s new” you find, as the name suggests, promising spots that just opened like Thierry Marx’s Camélia at the Mandarine Oriental Hotel or L’Abeille at the Shangri La.

A funny mix

Under the category “Charm and Atmosphere” there is quite a funny mix of Michelin-Star restaurants like Jean-Francois Piège or Les Ambassadeurs at the Hotel Crillon or hype places like Bon (decorated by Philippe Starck). This doesn’t make a lot of sense, if I may say so. Because if you really want to dine at one of those star awarded addresses like Piège’s new restaurant, you have to prepare. It will never be a spontaneous decision. Or do you really think you can just call and have a table for the same evening? No way.

A very useful category is “Very good bistros under € 35” with several addresses among my favourites like Bistro Paul Bert. Or why not go for “Something Different” pointing out some good Asian places, excellent Italian restaurants or gastronomic experiences like Passage 53.

A perfect lunch

My favourite category though is “Lunch around € 15”. This is what you need, when a Paris. Addresses like Café Constant or Café des Musées, where you can have, as a matter of fact, a perfect lunch for 13,50 or 16 Euros. So enjoy.

Now you might ask, if I agree with the choices of Lebey? With some, yes, definitely. But not with all of them. Thankfully. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense to give you my best addresses day by day, right?

The Best of Lebey

70 Parisian Bistros and Restaurants not to be missed

The Lebey guides selection for autumn-winter 2011-2012. Lebey Editions. 6 €.

The 70 adresses of Lebey