Craving for Claus

Breakfast is not a big deal for the Frenchies. A quick coffee at the counter of a café is enough to start the day for many. They didn't know what they had been missing until German-born Claus Estermann opened a tiny two level place close to Les Halles dedicated to the first meal of the day and simply called "Claus".

My Paris Stories



David Toutain: Sparkling with Enthusiasm

Food at Toutain's comes as a long row of beautifully presented morsels, brillant little salads, perfectly cooked (poached!) chunks of cod, generous slices of duck and "cèpes" in heart-warming sauces: Tthe best menu I had in a long time.


Taking History Home

The hardest thing when travelling is to find the right souvenir, right?


Brake the bread

Is there any place in the world where the bread is better than in Paris? Of course not. When it comes to Baguette, Paris is just unbeatable.


The Peninsula Paris: The luxury revolution

This is the opening everybody expects in Paris: After a four-year renovation the Peninsula Paris will open on 1rst of August and it will be, read m


Centre Pompidou: The nice monster of Paris

What exactly is the Centre Pompidou, in Paris better known as Beaubourg? A museum, yes, and one of the best in Paris.


Centre Commercial: fair & fashionable

Centre Commercial? In French ears this sounds like a big shopping mall out there in the suburbs.


Grazie: More than just Pizza

You have to be very talented to turn a simple thing like a pizza into something hype.

My Paris Stories

Who needs a palace while in Paris?

What about the Ritz? So swanky! But for some still not swanky enough. If for you, too, five-star hotels don’t quite cut it, then try staying in a “palace”. The French government just crowned four Paris luxury hotels with the new distinction of “palace”.


Cinémathèque: Look at that!

This is where it all began, in Paris, in the basement of a café: the story of cinema.


Be smart! Be bold! Be a good tourist!

It's not easy to be a tourist in Paris. You simply will not be alone. Here are some priceless tips.


Le Train Bleu: Travel back in time

The splendid halls high above the concourse of Gare de Lyon train station only pretend to give home to a restaurant.

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