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Nuit Blanche: The Seine on fire

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Have you ever spent a nuit blanche in Paris, walking around sleepless all night long? Here’s a good reason to... 

Hours: From 10 pm 6 October until 7 am 7 October 2012

Fees and prices: Free

Rungis: A land of milk and honey

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Ever heard about Rungis? It’s the world biggest food-market. It’s only 13 kilometres distance from Notre-Dame,... 

Address: 1 Rue de la Tour 94152 Rungis

Fees and prices: 80€ a guided tour including trip from Paris and breakfast

Rue des Martyrs: for foodies only

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A long time ago, Saint Denis walked up rue de Martyrs to his place of execution on Montmartre. Today this steep... 

Address: rue des Martyrs


Montmartre: stories instead of history

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Some days you wake up, it’s cold outside, it’s raining and you really have to look for a good reason to get... 

A surrealist stroll: The Sex of the City

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Today I’d like to invite you to time travel, I’d like to visit the Paris of the surrealists with you, of André... 

Be smart! Be bold! Be a good tourist!

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The Easter week-end marks the beginning of the full-blown high season in Paris, now the masses are really... 

Meet Mr. de la Fontaine

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The longer you walk around Paris, the more you realise that you will never be able to fully explore it. Too rich,... 

La muette  

St.-Germain: The intellectual Paris

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When Paris was a feast Saint-Germain…. how does this sound in your ears? It’s a myth, right. It’s the...