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Tuk-tuk for tourists

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Being a tourist can be a very exhausting job. How many kilometers do you walk every day visiting Louvre, Eiffel... 

Address: You can catch them everywhere

Fees and prices: 5 to 25 Euros, also customized tours for more

In the footsteps of Woody Allen Editor’s choice

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There are only a few other cities in the world as photogenic as Paris. Don’t you agree? Each year, over 900... 

Exploring Paris in a 2CV

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May I introduce you to Geraldine? She is a true Parisienne: beautiful, open minded, pretty, young, in her early... 

Address: Place Vendôme 75001 Paris

Fees and prices: From 80 € (one hour) up to 450 € the whole day with restaurant and visits