Kidimo: Your last word

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Visiting Kidimo, a hidden studio filled with letters, feels a bit like entering a play by Samuel Becket or let’s say Eugene Ionesco. Nicolas Flachot, the man behind the counter, is selling words. You can buy love, purchase peace, or whatever suits you.

Kidimo: grrrr!

A tall man enters the studio and says with an air of seriousness: “I’m looking for an H. Another client is about to decorate a children’s boutique. She needs the letters to write “Mademoiselle Non Non”, the girl that always says: No, no, no! “Each request is different and very personal”, remarks Nicolas, “they want as much an object to decorate as a signification”.

Lucky Lou

It all started in 2009, when Nicolas Flachot, at that time TV producer, found a pile of letters at a flea market at Saint-Ouen. He needed just three letters to write the name of his newborn daughter Lou. But the second-hand dealer wanted to get rid of all of them. And Nicolas ended up buying them all. First, he only sold them via his website. Meanwhile he has this hidden, charming place on rue Saint-Denis and is searching for letters all over the word.

The letters at Kidimo come from all kind of places: closed shops, redecorated cafés or restaurants, factories, you name it. Nicolas just had the good idea to resell them, so that people can give them a new life, can write new words and decorate their homes or shops with a witty message. So cool, so vintage!

Play on words

The stock looks infinite: “This q is from Argentina”, Nicolas tells me. There is a nice h from an old pharmacie. Or what about the letters from the Trésor Public-sign, the tax office? I’d like to buy the word MOTS, words, Nicolas, with a nice smile proposes “jeux de mots”, play on words.

Looking for inspiration? A word counter at Merci

Kidimo is exactly this: a jeux de mots, a play on words. “Qui dit mot consent”, goes the French saying. In other words: “silence means consent”. Not a bad name for a shop dealing with letters and words. But here you’ll always have the last word.

A word counter

You can visit this unusual place only on appointment or order words online. Twice a year Kidimo opens it’s doors for cleaning days. And from 16th December 2011 until 8th of January 2012 you can look for inspiration at the famous charity shop Merci where Kidimo will have a word counter.

227, rue Saint-Denis
75002 Paris
Métro:  Réaumur-Sébastopol 
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