Bonton: Little citizens of boboland

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Here is something we’ve never asked for, something we don’t necessarily need but that we now can’t do without: a concept store for children. The strictly left bank brand “Bon Ton”, after having moved in the upper Marais neighbourhood a few years ago, has now opened a huge flagship store on Boulevard des Filles de Calvaire ,just a stones throw away from the fancy concept store “Merci”, which is, of course, not a coincidence. Irène and Thomas Cohen, founders of “Bon Ton” are no other than the son and daughter-in-law of THE Cohens who launched the children’s brand “Bonpoint” with such wide-spread success (and who made so much money that they are now running an equally successful charity-store, so let’s say Merci!).

In French he says Cocorico

The “Bon Ton” flagship-store, opened in February 2010, is situated in a beautiful Haussmann’s building where “Zuber”, a traditional wallpaper manufactory  founded in 1797 had it’s showroom for generations. Here it’s not about the past anymore: 800 square meters just for kids, for upmarket kids, three stores with fashion, decoration, furniture, toys for the small citizens of Boboland – or their fashion victim mommies. Vanessa Paradis, Inès de la Fressange, Virignie Ledoyen, they have all already shown up.
You can definitely get everything here: the crib  for the new born, the fancy dress for the princess, the cute sandals for the older son, curious toys, funny things to offer your best friend and even a new haircut. Everything is beautiful, arranged like contemporary art and not made of cotton. Let’s face it, in a few weeks they’ll be looking like a very vintage pieces (holes in the knees of the trousers…). There is even a photo booth, a hairdresse’sr and, of course, a café where the cakes are so beautiful they look like they are meant to be exhibited, not eaten. The Cohens know how to please the bobo clientele, who are always searching for new shopping experiences. It’s all so beautifully arranged, I guess you can go their even if you don’t have kids: it’s a museum of our times.

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