Blanc d’Ivoire: the French touch

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You might have dreamed of changing your Texas ranch house or your Australian penthouse into a French country house. In this case Blanc d’Ivoire is the address for you.

Here it’s all about the provincial feel. Or to be exact: the French provincial feel. Walk into the new boutique on rue Saintonge and your will have the impression of entering a maison de campagne. Although the new showroom (the third venue in Paris)is nothing like the previous ones: it’s situated in a former industrial space in the upper Marais and covered by a beautiful glass roof of Gustave Eiffel.

Like a Normandy beach

What does the style look like? The interiors of Blanc d’Ivoire are a mixture between French and Gustavian. Think a mixture of new and old, think aged wood and natural linen. Modern design is combined with antique pieces rethought.

You might call it “shabby chic”, but it’s French and therefore a lighter, more elegant, and I would say less nostalgic, version. Colours are limited to what you could find on a Normandy beach: all kinds of off whites and greys and beiges. And Black. Brown. Sometime touches of real, yet pale colours.

Bring home a bit of the French touch

Monic Fischer, founder of Blanc d’Ivoire and originally from the fashion world (she worked for Cacharel and Gerard Darel) wanted to create a whole universe. And the success story of her brand founded in 1994, proves that she was right. In a way her store was a concept store avant la lettre, but only for interiors. If you want, you could equip your whole home with furniture, bedspreads, linen, lamps, vases from her brand. But you can walk out just with a candlestick or pillow to bring home a bit of the French touch.

Blanc d’Ivoire
25, rue de Saintonge
75003 Paris
33 (0)1 42 77 09 35

Filles de Calvaires  

1o4, rue du Bac
75007 Paris
4, rue Jacob
75006 Paris
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