Bread for the president

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Much more than just bread: national pride Photo: AFP, Bertrand Langlois

Have you ever tasted a baguette that blew away every idea you ever had about bread until then? I often have guests at my table who’ve just forgotten how delicious a baguette can be. Of course, not every bakery in Paris does such good bread. But here’s the one with the best baguette in town: His name is Sébastien Mauvieux (see photo above).

Baguette and politics

He’s just won the contest of the best bread of Paris. The news came last week, but come on, with the presidential election on the agenda, the prize of the “meilleure baguette de Paris 2012” got a bit drowned in the general excitement. Although Sébastien Mauvieux will somehow play his role in politics over the next year: The winner of the prize not only is awarded with 4000 Euros, but he’s entitled to supply the Elysée Palace, the French president’s office, for the following year. France’s new President François Hollande, who has lost a lot of kilos with a pure protein diet preached by Pierre Dukan allowing not a crumb of bread, will get Mauvieux’ delicious, crusty baguette every morning. Poor François! How hard to resist such a temptation.

The water up there?

Mauvieux’ bakery is situated on rue Ordener in Montmartre which is apparently a better neighbourhood for bread fans than, let’s say, the 13th. Strangely, that Mauvieux  has his bakery in the Montmartre area brings the number of winners from the 18th arrondissement to five in the last six years. Just a coincidence? Probably, but this brings Meg Zimbeck from “Paris by Mouth” to advance the hypothesis “that there is, in fact, something in the water up there”.

Mauvieux’ baguette is just perfect, costs 1,05€ and is worth a detour. Is it better though than the one of Pascal Barillon, winner of the last year, or than the bread of the Le Grenier à Pain in Abbesse (winner in 2010)? I wouldn’t say so. They are all very, very good, not to say perfect. The race for the best baguette in town is often played almost like the presidential election. The 15 experts come together at the Baker’s Guild on Ile St. Louis, sniffling, touching, munching more than a hundred breads. And it’s not only taste that counts. It’s also consistency, colour, scent. But trust me, those breads who are among the ten best, will definitely not disappoint you – probably just ruin your diet.

Boulangerie Sébastien Mauvieux
159 rue Ordener
75018 Paris
Métro: Jules Joffrin  
Open from Monday to Saturday from 7am-8pm
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