Sept’n: With Asian Twist

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Reviewed on 09/22/2010 | 1 Review

Sept’n is a small, comfortable bistro close to République in Rue Rampon, and here you will find a kind of low-key fusion style. The place (and the kitchen) is run by the hard-working Japanese chef Yasua Nanaumi who started his one-man-business in December 2008. He’s not after stars, obviously, he’s not even aiming that high, he’s just offering a modern (and modest) approach to French food that’s enriched and refined by international and Far Eastern flavours and influences.

Yet the dishes here won’t yell at you like they used to do in the 1980s and ’90s when Pacific Rim, California & Co. were all the rage. At Sept’n the food simply tries to be convincing. To be good. To feed you. To be reasonably priced, and that alone is rare in Paris. And the formula works well.

The food is either basically French with an Asian twist or Asian in substance but with a French air. There’s a short lunch menu and a larger one for dinner, which is when the chef really shows what he’s made of.

6, Rue Rampon
75011 Paris
+33(0)1 43 55 62 32
Open daily for lunch and dinner
Métro: République 
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  1. Irene 6 July 2011 Reply

    I heard about this restaurant from a friend and was not disappointed. The menu is small but I liked the choices and the foie gras was excellent, as well as the green tea crème brûlée. The service was very attentive and my friends and I really enjoyed the dining experience. My only critique is that it is a bit expensive so I can’t eat there everyday… too bad for me!

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