Rose Bakery: Healthy & Hype

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British food in Paris, doesn’t sound appealing? If that is so, we must definitely enlighten you. Rose Bakery is the place that could change your mind: it’s delicious, it’s healthy, it’s hype.

Rose Bakery is the kind of place that could have easily become what the French call “ma cantine”, that kind of canteen where you have lunch four times a week without even thinking about it and where you greet the owner with a kiss on each cheek. The food is just perfect if you’re not a staunch carnivore: it’s organic, colourful, varied. It’s light, if you want it to be. But there are cakes and cookies and crumbles too, and they are to die for. Frankly, Rose Bakery would be a perfect place if there weren’t, what? Well, the hype, the carefree stuff and the prices made in boboland.

Fast slow food

When Rose Carrarini (who is English) and her French husband Jean-Charles opened their first spot on Rue de Martyrs in 2002, they conquered Paris in a jiffy. The place was packed from the very beginning. The beautiful people just got crazy about this perfect mixture of café, bakery, canteen and take-away. All the sudden they discovered fast food in a slow food spirit. The concept was new in Paris: a deliberately rustic place, open only at lunch time, showing that salad can mean much more than a lost leaf soaked in an uninspired vinaigrette and it doesn’t necessarily need a steak-frites to make your day. Rose’s big sellers are small square vegetable tarts with changing veggie sides. They are, I’ve to admit, a perfect healthy treat for a girl in a hurry.

The early bird

A few years ago Rose and her husband opened a second outpost in an even more trendy neighbourhood, the Upper Marais. The spot is as small, narrow and as packed as the original place in South Pigalle. The staff is as cosmopolitan, unprofessional and, I suppose, underpaid as in the original spot. Food is good though. But if you ask me, Rose Bakery has become a bit victim of it’s own success.

Are you really ready to queue up for a quick, healthy meal? And don’t your mind paying 7,50 Euros for a brownie or 15 Euros for a small salad, that turns out to be a delicious mixture of fresh vegetables – (and cost “only” 10 Euros a year before)? Well, than I wouldn’t keep you from going. But make sure to come early. At Rose Bakery only the early bird catches the worm.

Rose Bakery I
46, rue des Martyrs
75009 Paris
Tel. 00331(0)-42 82 12 80
Métro: Saint-Georges  or  Pigalle  
Rose Bakery II
30, rue Debelleyme
75003 Paris
00331(0)-49 96 54 01
Métro: Filles de Calvaire
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