Polidor: Don’t mention the menu

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Reviewed on 04/15/2013 | No Reviews

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Writing an honest restaurant review about the „Polidor“ is a tough task. We’re talking about a grand institution, founded in the Quartier Latin in 1845 already, a place where Rimbaud and Verlaine had dinner, like Ernest Hemingway and even the French national monument Victor Hugo. It is their names that might make you consider eating out there and that is, unfortunately, the only real reason to go.

Le’s talk about ambiance

So let’s not talk about food, not about questionable steak-frites, not about weird balls of tartar de boeuf, not about greasy duck dishes. Let’s talk about ambiance and atmosphere instead. The „Polidor“ is, in fact, a marvellous museum of our Parisian dreams. The dining rooms look like never ever renovated, each piece of decoration exudes memories, the wall-paintings send you straight back to the 19th century. Great.

Don’t miss the toilets

And don’t miss the toilets! You won’t see those anywhere else in Paris anymore, you know, the good old French loos without a seat… What you will see at „Polidor“ is a lot of people from all around the world looking for the real Paris which, of course, can be welcome. It’s a great place to make friends from Japan, the US, Germany and you name it.

It is possible to have a great time at „Polidor“

So, actually, when we had dinner there recently with a German friend celebrating his birthday, we had a great time and spent a couple of hours happily chatting, drinking and, well, eating. Service was fast and very pleasant. And now it’s up to you: Is „Polidor“ a place for you to visit?

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