Poilâne: The toast of the town

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Most people think baguette when it comes to the bread of Paris, but people here do not live on that kind of bread alone. There has been a serious competitor ever since the 1930s, a huge greyish, brown sourdough loaf baked in wood-fired ovens – called „Poilâne“ after its creator, a young man from Normandy who came to Paris to make a living and became sort of a baking tycoon over time.

Cool, urban something

Nowadays, his bread is all over, supermarkets always have a stock, and in many, if not most café-bistros you are free to choose the kind of tartine or toast you want: white bread, baguette or Poilâne? For a toast, actually, you should always go for the latter. Poilâne makes a great toast, a perfect pain grillé, crusty, hearty, reassuring.

Apollonia Poilâne, the heiress of her parents empire, obviously, had an idea to make more out of it – and that’s why the bakery has opened its first kind-of-bistro in the ever thriving Marais. Where the great chef Alain Carrère once ran the restaurant „Pamphlet“, Poilâne has furnished an eatery displaying features of a fast food stall, a school canteen and a cool, urban something.

No need for a detour

At lunch and early dinner time you can have a quick toasted slice of bread here, topped with cheese or tomatoes, sardines or prosciutto, hummus or what have you, prices range from 8 to 12 Euros. The „formule“ comes at 13,50 Euros and allows you to add a salad or soup, a glass of wine or bottled mineral water. That’s not dirt cheap, but it isn’t expensive either.

Should you go there? Well, let me put it this way: there’s no need to make a detour for this (unless you’re a professional interested in new gastronomic concepts). But once you’re in the neighbourhood and need a quick bite, Poilâne is an excellent option, allowing you to happily avoid the „Subway“ branch next door.


38, rue Debelleyme
Paris 75003
Tel +33 (0)
1 44 61 83 39

Opening hours :
From tuesday to sunday, 7:15 am to 8:15 pm

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