Mems: Do as the Parisians do

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Reviewed on 05/16/2012 | No Reviews

Let’s imagine a hot summer day, a long Paris morning is over, your feet are steaming, you’re filled and almost fed up with impressions, you need to rest for a while, well, go and have a little stop-off at „Mems“ then. It’s nothing spectacular, really it’s not, it’s not picturesque, not demanding, it’s just an informal place to eat a bite.

Young, shiny people will surround you enjoying fresh salads, nice crunchy snacks, a well-seasoned tartar frites maybe or a fish dish of the day, accompanied by a glass of cool white Chardonnay wine – and nobody will shrug when you take off your shoes and just relax.

Contemporary air

Mems is one of these places you can find all over the world nowadays, in Berlin or London, New York or Melbourne, there’s a contemporary air about it, the waiters are students and the prices are student-like. Chairs and tables are scattered in front of the restaurant, the Parisian trottoir is your terrace which adds to your pleasure of eating here. You feel like doing as the Parisians do, and after a while, another glass of wine and a café in the end you’re ready to conquer the big city again.

The best thing: They offer a brunch here on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 5 p.m. which makes a very nice occasion to kill some time on a lazy weekend.

1, rue de Marseille
75010 Paris
Métro: République or Jacques Bonsergent
Open for lunch and dinner, on Saturdays and Sundays brunch
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