Le Tagine: Beyond folklore

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Le Tagine is one of those little places, you probably won’t find in your guidebook: it’s a tiny place, perfectly hidden behind the Cirque d’Hiver, offering delicious Moroccan food, a restaurant for the initiated and the regulars.

You won’t find a lot of out-of-towners here. But in case you are in the mood for couscous or are longing for a perfect tagine cooked for hours and hours in a clay pot in which the taste of lamb deliciously melts with the sweetness of almonds, prunes or figs, than Le Tagine is the place for you.

Let’s pass on the message

It’s not one of those fancy canteens like Chez Omar or 404 where it’s much more about exoticism, forced folklore or just hipness. Le Tagine has existed for three decades and it hopes to send out a message that Moroccan cuisine isn’t necessarily the same everywhere but can be very refined.

And indeed, the cuisine at Le Tagine is delicious, the couscous is as fine as sand, served with a tasty vegetable stock, chickpeas, raisins and whatever meat you prefer. The pigeon pastillas are marvellous, but don’t expect all those treats to be especially cheap. With most of the main dishes at 20 Euros, you don’t leave this restaurant paying less than 40 Euros per person.

The same in Tanger or Marrakech

And the service? The owner pours your thé à la menthe, the sweet mint tea from a dizzying height into your glass. Very impressive. It all had just one little catch: We asked if two kids could share just one couscous. You’d better not have such a mad idea. Everybody wants to make money, it’s crisis after all. But, well, the hearty smile and North African hospitality immediately looked a bit fake. But hey, that’s authentic. Wouldn’t it be the same in Tanger or Marrakech?

Le Tagine
13, rue de Crussol
75011 Paris
Tel. +33(0)1 47 00 28 67
Métro: Oberkampf   or Filles du Calvaire  
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