La Gazetta: Feel at home

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La Gazetta might sound Italian to you but it’s a place that the French would call franco-français, and the chef, Petter Nilsson, is Swedish.  This bistro is very near the Marché Aligre, one of the best covered food markets in Paris (with a bustling street market around it). In the neighbouring streets you can find everything you need for a fresh, clear market-oriented cuisine and that’s exactly what you get here. Excellent à la minute fish dishes, great steaks, well-crafted traditional stuff, like braised beef stews that melt in your mouth or Southern sardine starters that taste like summer.

Charming atmosphere, unpretentious food

You’ll never eat alone here, La Gazetta is a classic in the neighbourhood and beyond, packed at lunch and dinner time so you’d better book a table. In your company you’ll find: Parisian bobos (which is an abbreviation for bourgeois-bohémien), market vendors, office people and a Japanese couple every now and then or a Chinese food critic. Not surprising that they, too, make their way to La Gazetta. Its charming atmosphere and its unpretentious food make you feel at home right away.

La Gazetta
29, rue de Cotte
75012 Paris
01 43 47 47 05
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