Kinugawa: Sushi for the rich & famous

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Flipping fresh fish, deftly sliced and slashed, and served with beautiful simplicity, is an adventure and an addiction. At least for me. I couldn’t live without sushi. But compared to New York and London, Paris is not very well served. There is a sushi-shop at every corner, yes, but try to find a Japanese cook behind the bar….

Isami is definitely the number one place in Paris when it comes to sushi. But another landmark among the better and best Japanese restaurants in Paris is Kinugawa. After two decades of offering exquisite kaiseki cuisine you can take the word landmark literally.

Gwyneth Paltrow loves Kinugawa

Kinugawa is a favourite among French celebrities. French newspapers und magazines love to question stars about their cantine. Don’t get this wrong. Canteen is meant here in the sense that the food is that good that you eat there nearly every day. So many of them quote Kinugawa: the actresses Clotilde Coureau and Judith Gordèche, but also the singer Marc Lavoine. Even Gwyneth Paltrow loves the place and writes in her blog: “After a couple of days in Paris when I need to lay off the butter and goose fat, I head to Kinugawa for a Japanese lunch. After a lovely bowl of miso soup, some beautiful sashimi and a seaweed salad, I am ready to partake in all things French once more.”

Perfect for a light lunch

In other words: Wine and dine with the rich and famous. Is it worth it? When you go at lunchtime, yes. Dining is much more expensive. But as Kinugawa is ideally situated a short walk from the Louvre and the Tuileries, it’s indeed a perfect place for a tourists to have a light lunch. Their bentos are beautifully arranged and of perfect quality. You get a nice Sashimi menu for 30 Euros, which is not what I would call cheap, but the value-for-money balance is right. On the other hand: the fish clearly has not the perfection of Isami. Their beef-ginger-salade as starter (10 Euros) is a classic. Dinner is as mentioned much more expensive. But price doesn’t repel celebrities. Toshimasa Higashiuchi, owner of Kinugawa, just opened a second venue in Paris called Hanawa in the 8th arrondissement.

9, rue du Mont-Thabor
75001 Paris
01 42 60 65 07
Métro: Tuileries  Pyramides  
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