Entre 2 Rives: Indochine light

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Reviewed on 01/28/2013 | No Reviews

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Goi Buoi, Ha Kao, Bun Cha – when you know what those mean you’re familiar with the splendour of Vietnamese cooking. And you’re also used, I suppose, to quite a few disappointments when you have entered yet another seemingly nice but really soulless Asian food stall. Try „Entre 2 Rives“ instead: it’s good, it’s cheap, and they even serve some decent wine here.

Simple and generous

Hidden in a tiny lane close to Bourse and the Grands Boulevards the place is a perfect leg for a break during a day of long, touristy walks. Simply furnished (almost like a fast food chain), yet with generous windows to the outside world Entre 2 Rives serves food which matches the ambiance, simple and generous as it is. The portions will restore your walking power, everything is pretty well seasoned, nicely plated, correctly done.

Take a break

Frankly: If I worked in the quartier, I’d come here every other day for an everyday life lunch. Or if I was a visitor, I’d take a break right here to refuel and to plot the rest of my day in beautiful Paris.

Entre Deux Rives
1, Rue de Hanovre
75002 Paris
+ 33 (0)1 42 66 15 11
Métro: Quatre Septembre  or Opéra 

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