Coquelicot: Rural joys of Montmartre

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Cocquelicot, the bakery and café on place des Abbesses, is one of the permanently crowded cafes in Montmartre and this is for a good reason: it’s a perfect spot for an easy meal, a late breakfast or a sweet treat at teatime.

A coffee and a terrace

After a long walk up and down the streets and stairs of Montmartre, Coquelicot is somehow a predestined place for a perfect rest. Perfectly situated on place des Abbesses, this café-bakery will delight you, on warmer days, with one of the nicest terraces in Paris.

With its name and emblematic flower, coquelicot, poppy in French, this bakery doesn’t play the Montmartre card, at all. The setting is much more rural. Once inside, you’ll feel transferred to an old house in the countryside. Walls are decorated with old ovenware, there are jars with bottled fruits or vegetables on the shelves and the deliciously hot chocolate comes in enormous bowls as if grandmother would be standing in the kitchen preparing a yummy “goûter” for her grandchildren, always afraid that they are too skinny, the poor kids.

One of the best baguettes in town

And who’s making all this bread? Thierry Racolliet, whose talent has been praised in numerous guides and who has been on the shortlist for the best baguette in town. You’ll enjoy is traditional baguettes and his specialities of the day (there is a different one every day of the week). His pastries are tasty and the old-fashioned sweets will make you feel in French heaven. You can brunch the whole day long. And even if the rest of the food is not extraordinary and unforgettably good, the charm of the place makes up for it.

4, rue des Abessess
75018 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 46 06 18 77
Open from 7:30am – 8pm, closed on Mondays
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