Chez Julien: the recipe for success

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An earlier critique of this restaurant, published two years ago, has been highly critical because the place was beautiful but the cooking was mediocre, to say the least. We called “Chez Julien”, one of the smaller ships in the fleet of the very active C0stes family, a “boutique restaurant”, mockingly so, a place that has that “antique feeling with a contemporary twist” but nothing more. In culinary terms, a disappointment. Well, there’s good news.

New chef, new pleasures, and good-looking staff

“Chez Julien” has a new chef obviously, and he knows what he’s doing. The menu hasn’t changed dramatically but the dishes are well-crafted now, they’re tasty, well-seasoned, a spirit of generosity makes its way to the plates now, and we’re happy that the staff still looks like they have just stepped off the fashion show catwalks.

Outstanding steaks

"Chez Julien" where staff looks great

We’re happy for the Costes family who bought “Chez Julien” a couple of years ago, and recently we were so happy with our lunch there that we had dinner shortly after – and it was equally good. Excellent crab salad, outstanding steaks, a perfect lobster entrée (in the French sense), beautiful side salads. “Chez Julien”, all of a sudden, serves good food at fair prices, and even the wine list is nice. In other words: Forget about what we said two years ago; go there now and you’ll be delighted.

The setting was already breathtaking when the food was still poor. “Chez Julien” is a cosy, charmingly furnished bistro offering spectacular Parisian views at the same time. The restaurant first opened in the 18th century so you’re invited to walk the paths of history, close to the banks of the Seine with Notre-Dame only a stone’s throw away. Two years ago you had the choice of sitting wonderfully while dining dissapointingly. Those days are over. “Chez Julien” is a decent resto-bistro today. That’s great news.

Chez Julien

1, rue du Pont Louis Philipe
75004 Paris
Tel. +33(0)1 42 78 31 64
Open for lunch and dinner
Métro: Pont Marie , Hotel de Ville   , Saint Paul 

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