Chez Jenny: Cosy Alsace

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Reviewed on 10/13/2010 | No Reviews

There is a number of spectacular brasseries in Paris, displaying glassy cupolas or shiny art-deco-interiors, featuring a long, brilliant history or a list of very important guests, well: Chez Jenny is not one of them. So why is it listed here at all? Because it’s different in a nice way. It’s not about show, it’s about everyday life. It’s not about stars, it’s about getting fed the decent, bourgeois way. It is about how Paris really is and how old-fashioned it can feel. Not sparkling at any given second. Not shimmering in all the colours at every corner. Chez Jenny is just good, normal, convenient. Nothing less. Just a bit more, sometimes.

Not exciting, but cosy

When you have lunch there, so close to Place de la République, you will share the room with old couples sharing a sea food platter and half a bottle of Champagne, middle-rank managers offer themselves a full choucroute with ham and sausages and bacon, regular costumers greet the waitresses with kisses on cheeks and every now and then Laurent Joffrin, editor-in-chief of „Libération“, hops over from his nearby office to resource. It’s a cosy place. It’s not exciting. And that can be relief nowadays, don’t you think?

You can go there without thinking of a reservation weeks beforehand. And the menu will never change: choucroute, Alsacian sauerkraut, garnished with pork meats or smoked fish is listed, and then, of course, a wide selection of oysters, shellfish, crab and shrimps in all kinds of formulas that make the real pride of a brasserie that’s worth it. After a while, you sit and sip at one of these nice white wines from Alsace, a Riesling or a Gewurztraminer, you admire the green-steeled traditional glasses and the folcloristic outfits of the staff. And you forget about the hassle of the city for a while. Chez Jenny: it’s not a must and still…a good choice.

Chez Jenny
39, Boulevard du Temple
75003 Paris
+33 (0)1 44 54 39 00
Métro: République  

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