Camille: A typical spot

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Reviewed on 12/10/2010 | 2 Reviews

You might think it is an easy task to find good food in Paris, just like that. Unfortunately, like everything in this city (and maybe that’s true for any city), finding the right place to eat is a demanding task. In the end, it’s all about information and connections. Those of you who live in the French capital know that the nice bistro, the great brasserie, the decent restaurant isn’t normally served to you on a silver platter. You need a friend (or a friend of a friend) who has discovered a new spot or who has known a hidden canteen for a long time – and, more important, who is willing to share this precious information.

Camille hasn’t changed in years

One of these not-so-well-known evergreens is Camille in rue des Francs Bourgeois right in the heart of the Marais. I’ve read an amusing review, saying, it was a restaurant „off the tourist zone“. Yet with Place des Vosges and Rue des Rosiers just around the corner that assumption is utterly wrong. Camille sits, on the contrary, in the very center of the tourist frenzy – but it hasn’t changed in years. That’s a good sign.

At lunch time, you’ll find a casual reunion of slightly bourgeois eaters here, Monsieur and Madame Marais, elderly ladies displaying mid-priced jewellery, office types enjoying their „pichet“ of red. You’ll meet some tourists, too, who were lucky and daring enough to step in. They’ve made a good choice by chance, I’d say: they’ve found one of the cosy spots of Paris, and quite a typical one. There’s waiters dancing in black-and-white, there’s a bonvivant owner behind the bar greeting everybody like an old friend.

Perfect for a quick lunch

Having said that you might already guess the rest. You don’t come here to have sensational food or a great dining experience, you come for a quick lunch. If your expectations aren’t too high, you’ll be satisfied with the set menu for 21 Euros (27 US$). It’s written on a chalkboard, that’s the Paris standard nowadays, and you’ll find classics like a chicken liver salad, marinated salmon and, for the mains, correct steaks in correct roquefort sauces, pan-fried scallops nicely done or braised veal’s tongue, why not?

The netizen who situated Camilleoff the tourist zone“ liked his Crème brûlée a lot and gave it „5 stars“. Frankly, I wouldn’t trust his verdict.

24, rue des Francs Bourgeois
75003 Paris
+33(0)1 42 72 20 50
Open for lunch and dinner, closed on Sundays
Métro: Saint-Paul   or  Chemin-Vert  
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User reviews

  1. Michele 1 January 2011 Reply

    My friends and I from New Orleans happened upon this delightful place one year ago today, and had such fun at lunch that we returned that night for New Year’s Eve dinner after Mass at Notre Dame. It was delicious, and a good time too. Laissez les bons temps roullez !

  2. ania 4 November 2011 Reply

    Lovely atmosphere, delightful food. The staff has to be acrobatic to hang your coat. The only restaurant in Paris which was better then french restaurant in heart of London’s theatre district… in personal opinion.

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