Café Charlot: Just around the corner

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Reviewed on 04/30/2012 | 2 Reviews

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Yes, here’s another address in the Marais, you might think we’re biased, but what can you do? This neighbourhood marks the epicentre of Paris right now, although this also comes with the flipside of a raging gentrification that wipes out the businesses that gave the quartier its charm.

Gone with gentrification

The horse butcher is gone, but you won't regret it...

Gone is the horse butcher, he went down only recently, gone are the Triperie and the crazy fish vendour on Bretagne, the Arabs who sold overpriced vegetables in a corner shop – and the boulangerie, of course, that had the best yeast bread by far, it was tucked on the corner of Rue de Bretagne and Rue Charlot and has turned into „Café Charlot“ a few years ago.

The Parisian center stage

It could have been worse. It could have become yet another fashion outlet or hippy-happy-child-outfitter, so a nice café is to be preferred. And „Café Charlot“ is a very nice café. They’ve kept some of the boulangerie interior, they’ve added some tasteful furniture and a short bar, they’ve found a decent formula of food & drinks and a good quality/price ratio. It’s even cozy, although so very young, and when the sun is out on Saturdays and Sundays the sidewalks around it turn into the Parisian center stage of that play of to-see-and-be-seen.

Even cocktails

Food is correct, you’ll find bistro classics like veal chops and tartare de boeuf, Croques and even a Bagel au saumon fumé. There are quite a few wines by the glass, they even mix cocktails here (which is, for a café in Paris, highly unusual), and you can stumble in to just enjoy a „boule“ of Berthillon ice cream.

But for whatever reason you stumble in, you won’t regret it. As said, “Café Charlot” really is nice and so are the staff. They even speak English and they treat you like humans. That is true for kids as well, so there’s really a lot of reasons to swing by once you’re around the corner.

Café Charlot
38 Rue de Bretagne
75003 Paris
Tél: +33 (0)1 44 54 03 30
Métro: Filles du Calvaire  
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  1. 20 Prieure Hotel - Design boutique hotel in Paris 30 April 2012 Reply

    There are so many great addresses in Le Marais! We completely agree with you when you say that the neighbourhood is the epicenter of Paris, so many things are happening there! We also have good addresses in Le Marais, maybe you want to check them out as you seem to love it: !

  2. Vicente 20 July 2012 Reply

    - Gorgeous shots, and I LOVE the new site design! Le Marais is my fav part of Paris, and where I would cohsoe to live given the option. Place de Vosges is a great playground for kids and adults alike so glad you are enjoying your time!

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