Breizh Café: deliciously different

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You don’t need a lot to prepare a good crêpe or a true galette, some flour, water, eggs, but, heaven, it can be pretty obnoxious what they offer you in Paris under the name of a crêpe. Crêpes are available on just about every street corner in Paris, but most of them are nothing like the real thing. Ever tried the kind of sole-looking and also sole-tasting stuff sold by disagreeable guys? If you have, your hunger for crepes is probably satisfied for lifetime.

Crêpe autrement

What you get at Breizh Café is something completely different. Their concept here is: crêpe autrement, which simply means ‘crêpe differently’. Translate it with ‘delicious’ and you will understand why Breizh Café is packed from the morning until late at night: Here it’s all about quality. Butter comes from the famous butter maker Yves Bordier (one of the best you can get in France), flour is what they call bio (organic), and the real salt in these crepes is probably the pinch of love that makes the difference.

In 2007, after having taken Tokyo (!) and then Cancale in Brittany, Bertrand Larcher, a true Breton, opened his third venue in the hip Upper Marais, in the middle of boboland (the land of the bourgeois bohemians…) in other words. He’s running the restaurants together with his Japanese wife and this “East meets West” twist contributes largely to their success.

Cosy atmosphere and sparkling cider

Although I live just around the corner, I had never eaten there until recently. Just never got a table at lunchtime when I was walking by. That means: You have to reserve if you want eat there at peak time. But why not go there in the middle of the day, on a rainy afternoon for example, and enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the wood panelled place?

Have a look at  the gorgeous chêvre-feuille, a buckwheat flour galette filled with goat’s cheese and delicately topped with salad. The Nordic with salmon wasn’t bad either. But the classical ones are of course those with a fried egg looking at you with it’s bulging eye full of expectation. After the salty version you can go for a sweet one. What about  carrement gingembre (absolutely ginger) The best crêpe I’ve ever eaten. It came with caramel made with salty Bordier butter, topped with a tiny bit of cream and a scoop of ginger ice. Felt a bit like heaven for me.

What makes this place almost unreal are the prices: salty crêpes start at 7 Euros up to 13 Euros for more sophisticated variations. You can celebrate your discovery with a huge selection of artisanal and organic ciders. They come like they do in Brittany: sparkling in a plain jug with small bowls.

Breizh Café
109, rue Vielle du Temple
75003 Paris
+ 00 33 (0)1 42 72 13 77
Saint-Sébastien Froissart  
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