Blend: Fast food for gourmets

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Parisians are crazy people: they’re always coordinated. Everybody leaves the city at the same moment; everybody comes back at the same. Trends don’t stay trends very long, they become movements very quickly. Food wise that means: Paris has become a city of Burgers.

I’m not kidding. In Paris, we used to have largely overprized Burgers only in a couple of restaurants and cafés. Lately, that means since two or three years, Burger spots are springing up like mushrooms. But don’t take me wrong. We are not talking about McDonald style burgers. We are talking about Good Fast Food. Their first spot was such a success, that recently they opened a second venue in the very hype upper Marais on Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire.

The best burger in the world

Take Blend. They don’t call it just burgers, they call it “gourmet hamburgers”. And with a reason: Nobody else then Yves-Marie le Bourdonnec, Paris best butcher and creator of the New York Times’ best burger in the world, is grinding the meat for the burgers and preparing the special blend.

Plus, the buns are baked fresh, daily, by their own Pastry chef. They also make their own sauces with fresh ingredients. In other words: this is the total opposite of junk food, this is delicious fast food combining the pleasures of the sinning with a good consciousness. You can go for Salmon, for Parm (parmesan), Melt (with Swiss gruyere), Herbs (with goat cheese) or the classical signature burger. There’s a veggie choice, too: a breaded mozzarella steak.

Sweets to die for

It seems, their Blendies a sweet treats with a French twist are the highlight of a reasonable prized meal (10 Euros for the burger, 15 Euros with French fries and a soft drink) – but I have to admit that I didn’t trey them. There is though something that didn’t convince me at all: their French fries from sweet potatoes are looking like they have sunbathed much too long. They look feeble and sunburned and taste surprisingly bland.

The new restaurant is on 1 Boulevard des filles du Calvaire, 75003 Paris.
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