Le Bistro Paul Bert: A dining Oscar

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Reviewed on 05/23/2010 | 1 Review

Le Bistro Paul Bert deserves a dining Oscar, if an award of that kind existed. It’s a long-held favorite eating place of all food lovers who know Paris and who want a good meal, good ambiance and what the French call convivialité. Go there with your lover or a couple of friends or even with your parents – satisfaction is guaranteed (as long as you pick the right Paul Bert, there’s more than one in Paris, so beware! And don’t forget to make a reservation in time, at least two days before!).

Paris on a plate

What will you find there? Nothing less than Paris on a plate: Juicy steaks and handmade frites, bistro classics like veal kidneys, rabbit livers, Burgundy snails – but fear not. There’s food for every taste and sensibility here, generous cuts of turbot and sole sometimes, traditional beef stews at another, lamb roasts, scallops, venison when the season allows it, you name it. It’s a colourful panoply of France and its regions, it’s a traditional cuisine that respects the products and the time of the year, and all dishes are served with a smile (the waiters speak English here!).

Feel as Parisian as you can get

Once you’ve finished starters and mains you’ll have to make yet another decision: dessert or cheese? And there you can’t go wrong. Both choices will light up your evening, the deserts are amazingly good (and huge), the cheese platter is perfect. Tourists? Yes, you’ll find some foreigners there, too. But they all mix well with the locals and after two hours of eating and sipping wine (pick the special offers, the wine list is a bit overpriced), you’ll feel as Parisian as you can get. The price? Is pretty unbeatable: For a three-course-menu you’ll be charged 36 Euros only (48 US-$). You be pushed to find a better offer in Paris.

We’ve revisited Le Paul Bert in early February 2013 and had an excellent time – as always. On our plates: an excellent ragout of rabbit livers and mushrooms, a classic and comforting home-made terrine followed by perfect platters of steak-frites. A great evening. The “patron” was present and smiling.

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