Beaucoup: Much ado about nothing

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Reviewed on 01/8/2013 | 1 Review

Here is the new place to be: It’s called Beaucoup. Nestled in a small street of the Upper Marais, it’s definitely one of the most beautiful spots recently opened. People say it looks New Yorkish, but believe me, it’s more the idea the Parisians make themselves of New York. It’s actually very French with a Nordic twist: an immense, loft-like space, pretty much refined, elegant, and just the coarse twist it needs to make you self feel part of a picture without having the impression you do not belong here.

Julien Fouin and Ludovic Dardenay, a dream-team of Parisians foodistas, opened Beaucoup after having had a huge success with their first spots Glou and Jaja, both in the Marais too. They dreamed of having a charcoal grill in a restaurant and just needed the right space for it. Here it is: a loft like restaurant with a real barbecue inside.

Keep your promises

The name itself is a promise. Beaucoup simply means “a lot” in French. And assuming that there is some meaning in the words, you would expect something generous, a real meal that not only feeds Kate Moss and her Parisian avatars, but also normal-you and normal-me, right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. “Beaucoup” is not very generous. And when I say this, I actually don’t talk in terms of quantity. We don’t need a lot of food to feel happy and satisfied. We need food prepared with generosity if it’s not love. This is not the case here. The meat might come from the best breeders and butchers, if you throw it aimlessly on a barbecue, it will not make a big difference.

Fancy and cool

Did I ever hat such appetite-taking burger? No, never. The poor wagyu beef that had to die for it –  it really wasn’t worth it. The prices are adapted to the hype clientele ready to pay for the picture. Will Beaucoup be as crowded as Glou and Jaja? Of course it will. It’s all about the concept here. The target group doesn’t really care about what is on the plate, as long as the rest is fancy and cool. Fair enough.

7, rue Froissart
75003 Paris
Tel. 01 42 77 38 47
Métro   Saint-Sébastien Froissart
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  1. Carla BEccari 26 November 2013 Reply

    I totally disagree!!! food is extremely good here!!

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