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My Concierge Told Me

Place des Vosges: the new Parisian Tribeca

Here he is: Domique Strauss-Kahn. DSK. The fallen hero. Or the phoenix from the ashes. We don’t know yet. What we know is something else:
Photo: AFP, Johanna Leguerre

Nobody else and no other subject has preoccupied the French people as much as he has these last few months. He and THE affair. Since this Sunday morning, DSK has been back in France. The reaction was pretty predictable: relief or indignation.

French hypocrisy

French hypocrisie: not a perp walk, but not a red carpet either

After having been outraged over the way the American media treated Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former International Monetary Fund (IMF) leader, now the French media are doing exactly the same thing. They condemned the horrible perp walk, but now they are here, in front of his door, waiting for him, at Place de Vosges number 13: Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his wife Anne Sinclair will not be able to step out of the door without being pursued by photographers and TV teams. Paparazzi were already in position long before DSK arrived this morning at Charles de Gaulle. The first photos of the couple entering their home on the very posh Place des Vosges have been distributed by the agencies. And what do they show? Winners.

So when, by chance, you pass by the Place des Vosges over the next couple of days, you won’t go very far without bumping into the hordes of media in front of their home: broadcasting vans, photographers, so called journalists, you name it. What are they waiting for? I don’t know. Not for the exclusive interview, not for the scoop, I shouldn’t think.

The chapter is closed

Will DSK make a kind of come back on the political scene? This is the question the French are asking now. Strangely, nobody wants to know anymore what happened that day in suite 2806 of the Sofitel in New York. The chapter seems to be closed. They know that they’ll never know.

But there is another question: Will Anne Sinclair stay with him, will she stick to this world-famous womanizer? The French magazine “Gala” quoted a close friend, who had visited the couple in New York, reporting the way Sinclair put it to her: “I probably have another 20 years to live and I’m going to spend them with Dominique.”

The enigma called Sinclair

Opinion polls have shown that 54 percent of the French women interviewed do understand Anne Sinclair, and 16 percent even “understand her very well”. I must be very un-French, I guess. But then so is Claire Chazal, famous anchorwoman of TF 1 TV channel, super-idol of the French and ex-colleague of Anne Sinclair. She put it very clearly in “Paris Match”: “In the same situation, I would be radical: I support neither compromises nor half truths.”

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