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My Concierge Told Me

France has set the stage for a new President de la République

After weeks of campaigning the French presidential hopefuls have crossed the finish line of the first round race on Sunday. And the winner is…Marine Le Pen. With 18 to 20 percent of the votes she’s in fact the real winner here, while both president Nicolas Sarkozy and his socialist contender Francois Hollande might have scored better but their results are, well, unconvincing.

Photo: © AFP, Eric Feferberg

Photo: Thierry Zoccolan, AFP

Sarkozy looks weak, as expected, Hollande not as strong as thought. Neither men are popular, now both are equally well or ill placed to succeed in the second and decisive round to be fought in two weeks. Until then, we’ll have a number game frenzy in France and a lot of tea-leaf-reading going on.

Do not keep promises!

And the president will be…Hollande? If so, it’ll be interesting to see whether he can keep his, at times, funny proposals like taxing millionaires a 75-percent-rate. But, quite probably, Hollande will forget about a couple of his ideas once he has moved into the Elysée palace. It’s an old French presidential tradition to not keep promises, you know.

And no French president has mastered this kind of political craft better than Jacques Chirac (whose family, except Bernadette, now publicly sides with the socialist!). Chirac, in the end, even stopped making the promises he wouldn’t keep. Call it smart. Or sleek.

Big things coming

Anyway, election Sundays in Paris are nice. As if the city is bracing itself for the big things coming. And in the evening, when the bureaux de vote are closing, the nation sits united in front of their tv sets waiting for the news…and the new promises.

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