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Instead of playing at Roland Garros hit a ball in the sky over Paris

You didn’t get tickets for the final at Roland Garros? Don’t worry. Who cares about the French Open? I’ve got a better thing for you to do : a tennis match on top of the roofs of Paris.

Sounds like I a made this up just to make you even madder about Paris? Not at all. Believe it or not: a real clay tennis court has been set up on the roof of the Galeries Lafayette department store and will be there throughout  the French Open tournament which started yesterday.

Why don’t you just go there and hit a few balls to convince yourself? It’s for free. They even will give you the equipment, a racket and balls, and maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones to get a free lesson.

Breathtakingly beautiful

Sound tempting? It does. Look at the view from the top of the Galeries Lafayette building. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. Wonder why Woody Allen didn’t think of having a scene like this in his film “Midnight in Paris”. It’s just surreal.

But hurry up. Once everybody is in the know, there will be more people there than on the stands of Roland Garros. And the court will only last as long as Goland Garros does, until the 5th of June.

After your match you should enjoy a late lunch in the restaurant “La Terrasse”, also on top of the Galeries Lafayette. I haven’t try it yet, but the great Japanese chef Fumiko Kono signed the menu, whereas desserts come from Pierre Hermé, and his cakes are so delicous that you’d better play a few hours of tennis before settling down at one of the tables.

Galeries Lafayette   —  UNTIL 5TH OF JUNE
40 boulevard Haussmann
75009 Paris
Open every day except on Sundays from 12 am until 6 pm, on Thursdays and Saturdays until 7:30 pm.
Reservations are only possible once you’re there.
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