The forbidden fruit

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An exhibitions of gourmand Christmas trees at the Intercontinental Le Grand Paris

Yesterday evening, I was invited to join a cocktail party at the Intercontinental Paris Le Grand. The occasion? Well, nothing less than the inauguration of what they call an exhibition of sapins gourmands, the gourmand Christmas tree.

Photo: © MAP

I’m not kidding. Under the huge Verriere, an impressive, 800 square metre winter garden, stands a Christmas tree made of hundreds and hundreds of Laduree macaroons. You’ll tell me that they are probably not edible. And you are right. But they look exactly like the lovely macaroons Ladurée is so famous for. Each one is covered with a gold leaf. So if you’re mad about macaroons, head to the neighbourhood of Opera, visit Intercontinental Paris Le Grand, have a tea at the winter garden and enjoy the spectacle.

Hot goods

Last night, to tell you the truth, the spectacle was amusing: I’ve been observing all these colleagues hoping to fill their stomach for good. I can’t help it: I always have the impression that for most of the people food tastes even better when it’s for free.

Look at this, look how they try to manage the champagne in one hand, the canapés in the other and still cutting a fine figure! They even become acrobats, catching the small dish with truffles from the tray a skipping waiter is balancing around the place trying to make more than a meter without loosing the hot goods instantly.

Dominique Costa

But why complain when you’re part of the game? Right.

I have to admit: the small cakes by pastry chef Dominique Costa, usually served at the Café de la Paix, were just breathtakingly good. The hungry guests did not even gnawed at the forbidden fruit: the Christmas tree made of golden macaroons.

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