It’s a girl! And her name is Giulia

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My Concierge Told Me

A very bad poll as birth present

My concierge has told me so many things recently. I don’t know where to start? With the closing of the Hotel Ritz? With the international art fair FIAC that opened today? Or with the First baby, born yesterday evening?

When the French don't want to know.... Photo: © AFP, Miguel Medina

With the later one, of course. Because even when the French pretend that they are not at all interested in the Sarkozy’s private life, really they couldn’t stand the waiting anymore. Since beginning of October, crowds of photographers have gathered in front of the Clinique de la Muette, where Carla finally gave birth to her girl yesterday evening at about 8pm.

A state secret

How long will it take, do you think? Photo: © AFP, Virginia Mayo

For a couple of weeks, comedians had their running gag about the long, long gestation at the Elysee. It must be another species, no?

Did it really take only nine months? The French have the impression that their First lady had been pregnant for ages. Why? Because the less the presidential couple communicated about the pregnancy, the more present it seemed. Like a state secret, somehow. Remember, we were one of the first to interpret the First ladies phrase “my lips must be sealed”, last February, as her public confirmation of her pregnancy.

She will never show the baby

A few weeks before giving birth to her first daughter, Bruni said in an interview, that there will be no photos of the baby: “You don’t have a child for the photo gallery,” Bruni said and added: “I will do everything to protect this infant, and I’ll be absolutely rigorous. I will never show photos of this child. I will never expose this child.”

That is also the reason why we didn’t know the name at first. But less than 24 hours after giving birth, it’s out: her name is Guilia. Carla Bruni confirms it herself on her brand new website.

A bad poll as birth present

But will baby girl improve Dad’s poll ratings? I bet it won’t. One of the birth presents was a terrible poll for Sarkozy: If the election were held on 20th of October, the date of the birth of his first daughter, Sarkozy would be out of office already. François Hollande, the newly elected presidential candidate of the French Socialist, would score a landslide victory over Sarkozy with a crushing 62% of votes for Hollande.

Carla must be thrilled, anyhow. And so must be the Muslim cleric Peerzada Rais Mian Chishti, guardian of a sacred shrine in India, where Carla, last December, prayed for a son.

She can smoke and drink again

In other words: Believe in your dreams and they’ll come true. But there is no risk that Carla will convert to Islam. She couldn’t wait for the end of her pregnancy: “I can’t stand this pregnancy any longer” she said some days ago, “this baby can’t come soon enough so that I can smoke and drink again.”

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