In Paris, plan to be surprised

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At St. Paul, reality mingles with your dreams

Paris just happens to you every now and then, and you never expect it. Even if you lived in the capital, you’d be surprised how Paris surprises you over and over again.

When you just walk over a bridge across the Seine, say, or when you stroll along an ancient empty street, when you resurface from the metro’s ever-lasting dusk – something can happen, all of a sudden.

Call it light, call it colours, call it architecture or urbanity or history, it’s images that resonate, a thing or a view that may touch your soul. Here you are like I was only recently, leaving the metro at St. Paul station, climbing up the stairs and standing stunned for a couple of seconds, under the spell of a street scene of sheer beauty. Look at the clouds, at the string of buildings, look at the people in the spotlight of a cold winter sun. Is it real life?

Paris is a city where reality mingles with your dreams. With your dreams of that very reality, that is. Or maybe it’s the other way round, even bolder: that your dreams become real when in Paris. Whatever it is: it is beautiful, and sometimes overwhelmingly so.

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