A symphony of bricks and stones

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Beware of emotions at Place des Vosges

In Woody Allen’s hommage „Midnight in Paris“, awarded a Golden Globe for the best script, the main character thinks that the city was even more beautiful on a rainy day. I see the point (the shimmering, glimmering streets) but I don’t fully agree.

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Right now, at least until springtime comes with all its sensations, I’m convinced that a clear and sunny winter’s day brings about Paris at its best.

The top square of Paris

After the freezing cold, we’re once again witnessing a weird, warm winter , the lawns in the tiny parks are still green, and people can take a rest on a bench without freezing. At Place des Vosges, which many people hold dear as the top square of Paris, the sun is cutting out long shadows in the afternoons now, as if playing around. The trees, the palaces, the strollers, the huge Louis XIII on his horse in the middle – they’re all surrounded by their stretched silhouettes.

Only shadows

In recent months, Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his wife Anne Sinclair, too, hit the sidewalks here from time to time. They’ve got one of their many residences here, and when the sun was shining, everybody was able to see even better that they were only shadows of their former selves.

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