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Reviewed on 01/10/2012 | 1 Review

My Concierge Told Me

You’ve probably already been to the Louvre to say hello to Mona Lisa. And you’ve definitely been up the Eiffel Tower to look down on Paris, admiring the beauty made of stones. But do you know the hidden face of Paris?

Photo: © Paris Tourist Office, Amélie Dupont

Probably not. Not even all the Parisians do. On the first weekend of February, the city of Paris has organized a program called “Paris face cachée” with numerous visits to spots you wouldn’t even guess existed.

Like what? Well, they don’t exactly tell you. It’s all about the element of surprise here. But if you know Paris, than reading the program of the 50 events scheduled on February 4th and 5th will give you an idea of what awaits.

Looking behind the scenes

What about visiting a Masonic lodge? Or what about having a look behind the scenes of Roland Garros or the famous racecourse of Longchamp? If you are around with kids, they will probably love to discover the Seine from a Zodiac or the subterranean canals of Paris. Or what about taking a guided tour of Paris’s biggest and definitely most impressive movie theatre called the Grand Rex? Or why not spend the night in a printing house to experience how the daily newspaper “Le Parisien” is produced –  we highly recommend that for the younger ones because printed newspapers will not last another generation.

Hurry up!

Some of the activities are free, others cost a couple of Euros, but there are some, like discovering Paris on an electronic bike over several hours that cost 40 Euros.

If you are seduced, you’d better hurry up. There are only 10 000 places and you’ve got to make your reservation immediately on The reservations started today, but some of the very exceptional programs are already booked up.

Anyhow, if you’re not among the lucky ones, just stay tuned to Mad about Paris. Here, you’ll discover  the hidden faces of Paris every day.

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  1. Lien 28 April 2012 Reply

    It probaby wuldon’t be that good an idea to wander around Paris by yourself at night unless you speak French. Although the crime rate is very low compared to other cities of comparable size its still a very big city and getting lost is way too easy for any tourist.You’ll also discover that people eat dinner very late in Paris. Almost no one eats before 7:30 PM and 8 or 9 is more usual. They then spend a couple of hours eating so nothing much gets going untill 10 PM.You might try going on the big Friday night skate (assuming you bring skates with you). Hundreds, sometimes thousands of people gather at the Place D’Italie at 10 PM every Friday night and skate thru the streets of Paris complete with police escort.

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