New Year’s Eve in Paris!

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My Concierge Told Me

All the best for 2011

You’ve always dreamt of spending New Year’s Eve in Paris? The day you really do it, don’t expect fireworks, I’m sorry to tell you. Your hopes will definitely be dashed.
Photo: AFP, Bertrand Guay

There will not be a single rocket in the sky and nobody will let off a banger, although there might just be some cars burning in the streets. And if you fumble around with rockets or Chinese crackers, you risk a fine of 38 Euros! So you’d better do as the Parisians do: just stroll down the Champs-Elysées with a bottle of champagne in your hand. Because that’s what the young people are doing, wishing each other a Bonne Année, a Happy New Year, and kissing as many young, female tourists as they can catch.

Honestly, who needs fireworks as long as the Eiffel Tower flickers in the cold night? Have a look at this shot taken on the 25th of December of the Eiffel Tower reflecting in a pool: it’s sheer beauty, isn’t it? The nice thing in Paris is: from 5 pm on and during the whole night you can travel for free on all buses and metros.

And if this is still not enough, the Bus Palladium, a famous nightclub where Serge Gainsbourg used to be a regular, will open its doors tonight around midnight. An event? Well, yes, the club has been closed during October after a police control. The theme of the night? “We love 80’s” (sic!). You too? Then go, go, go.

If I had the choice, I know where I would spend New Year’s Eve: in the panoramic suite of the brand new Shangri-La Hotel. There is no better view in Paris and hardly any that is more expensive. So I imagine myself sitting there on the terrace at midnight, opening a bottle of champagne and wishing you:

All the best for 2011!

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  1. Mareike 25 September 2012 Reply

    Wow, lucky them they get to travel around the world and go to such amazing places. This must’ve been a great show. I wonder what it’s like going to a concert where the songs are in a different language that you don’t understand, I think I would be like what’s going on, but that’s just me they probably just like the song and know the words without knowing what they are saying but they are just there for the amazing show.

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