Naked models on display

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An eulogy for Paris butchers

I think it’s fair to say that Paris as a whole is a pretty solid „Appellation d’origine controlée“. You might translate this – like Wikipedia does – with „controlled designation of origin“, meaning that there’s no other city like it on the whole planet.

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There are so many elements that make it special that you have to come and see for yourself what those might be. But you won’t miss the butchers. They are really special here.

A few days ago, I crossed this window on the lovely Ile St. Louis, admiring the products of this proud butcher. It’s quite a deal to sell a Poulet de Bresse (which gained the AOC label over 50 years ago), it’s more like an honour, and it’s a real task to prepare it properly for the customer. A bird like this can cost 30 Euros (40 US$) easily, but you have the guarantee of getting the very best poultry the world has to offer.

The butchers are aware of this, that’s why they decorate their windows almost like a fashion store, parading their birds like (naked) super models, displaying awards and honorary plates just to show that they care and love and work hard to deliver pleasures that are not easy to find. They’re originals, like every bird they sell. So don’t call it just chicken.

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